This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


39. Your kidding

Rose's prov

So it's like what 12:00 and um we just woke up and were getting ready to go to the mall don't ask me why not my idea actually selena's idea so yeah woo hoo note the sarcasm! So to just hurry up i quickly used the bathroom did whatever and put on this but without the hat or boots or the jewelry

(Longer hair lol)

I went to the bathroom and took the foundation and covered my bruises and went out

Rose: So whose ready

Miley: I am

Miley came out wearing shorts and a crop top with a cardigan and heels

Ariana: and So am I

Ariana came out wearing a cute polka dot dress with white

Chaz: You girls ready

Miley: Let'ss goooooo

Selena: WAITTT

she came out wearing black short shorts a red bandeau a black leather jacket and black strap heels. I guess guys for that cause they were drroling over her

Ariana: Well im going to the car

Chaz: Oh yeah

we all went to the open roof top car I sat in the back with everybody and Ryan and Miley sat in the front and it was ariana me Justin Selena and Chaz

Miley: So what store are we gonna go in first

Ariana: um forever 21

Chaz: Nahhh how bout the food court

Ryan: ugh wat bout like idk a man store

Selena: Um Justy how bout we go to the jewelry store

Miley: no wayy

Rose: um a music store

Justin: Idk how bout we just chill cause i like the music idea

Miley: Alright you know what let's go to the mall and just chill and go to a few stores

Everyone: agreed

We got their and we entered and straight away we got crowded by jelena fans the part i hateee!

Fan: Jelena kiss kiss

Fan: Justin I love you

Fan: Selenaaaa

Rose: Hey im sorta claustrophobic so um im gonna go

I quickly left cause i coulnt hanlde it and went to the music store not alot of people go there though. I was going through some album when someone bumped into me causing that person to fall on top of me

Me: Excuse me

Justin: Oh hey rose

Me: What are you doing in here

Justin: Well had to get away from the crowd at one point

Me: Well i'll go meet up with the others

Justin: Yeah there at the food court

We walked their fast and saw them at a table

Miley: Hey over here

I sat down next to Ariana and Chaz

Ryan: So were did ya run off to

Me: I got claustrophobic so i had to go

Justin: same but i did stay a while before i left

Chaz: so while you were away we already ordered and got 3 extra large pizzas, ones cheese, meat lovers, and Hawaiian pizza

Ariana: Dude we should really check out some stores cause im getting a bit bored

Miley: Yea lets just go to some like browse

Waiter: Here are your pizzas

Everyone: Thankkss

We ate and had fun talking and went into forever 21 because Selena insisted

Ariana: Alright so we have a time limit because the guys dont like it here their just gonna nod for approval of the clothing and were gonna leave

Miley: Why are they choosing

Justin: well we should do something

Selena basically grabbed whatever she saw and Ariana and Miley were choosing and I was really bored so I picked just a couple of things out

Me and Ariana got this tank cause we love Marilyn

Selena got this outfit

I got this top

Miley got that top and shorts


I got all these shorts and Ariana and Miley got some of the same




and Selena got that fringe top and shorts

Rose: Alright let's leave


Selena: I wanted to stay longer

Justin: By the way Rose you got a lot of shorts

Rose: i'm probably never gonna wear them though only to um you know

Okay not a lot of people know I dance

Justin: you mean dance

Chaz: Woah Rose you dance

Ryan: Yea I never knew

Rose: Dont tell anybody it's sorta just my own hobby okay

Chaz: Alright we promise we wont tell

Ryan: By the way we get to go to Aeropostale

Ariana: Fine they have our clothing their too

we walked in and we sorta seperated i got alot lol from here

I quickly bought this and went to meet the others

Ryan: for someone who doesn't shop you shopped alot

Rose: Well dance is starting to begin and you know mom always said i needed more clothes so yea

Justin: Hey where's Selena

Chaz: Don't turn around

Justin turned and all of our mouths dropped their was Selena making out with a guy and let me tell she looked like she was enjoying A LOT

We walked up to her

Justin: What are you doing

Selena: Justin it's not what it looks like

Justin: You said you were just gonna finish paying

Selena: Im sorry I dont know what came over me

Justin: You know what, i don't need hoes like you let's go guys

Selena: Waitt stopp Justin dont leave

But too late we all left her with no ride but i guess that's what she gets i hate cheaters they basically throw away a diamond for a rock like tf

We got home in silence and everyone got there stuff and left, i felt bad when I got upstairs to my room and opened my curtains Justin was crying really badly. I closed my curtains and heard the sound of thunder and rain. I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep.





Sorry im not updating please dont be mad im trying but its hard cause i get writers block so please comment suggestion. I dont think I should continue please comment what you think. I really do appreciate you guys still reading this thanks a lot

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