This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


32. two birthdays

Sorry it's cut off at the end but I will continue it like part two cause my computer broke down so using the ipad is like impossible :(


Rose's prov

It's Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its my birthday but I doubt it anybody will remember. I got up from bed and did my things in the bathroom, and went to the closet and picked out just cause i wasn't going out anywhere

It was March 1st and it was beginning to get a nice warmer weather. (Sorry if you feel like I skipped a whole month and all but yea right now its March, sorry) I opened the window a bit and turned on the music loudly. I just enjoyed my time it was pretty fun. after a couple of minutes I went downstairs and surprisingly my mom was there

Rose: Hey mom

Karen: Hi sweety

Rose: So why are you still home no offense but you usually leave, is something special going on

Karen: I'm about to leave

Rose: So nothing going on today like a birthday, meeting, birthday

Karen: Actually yes something very special

yes she actually does remember my birthday

Rose: What

Karen: there's an important meeting today

Rose: Anything else like a birthday

Karen: Oh yes Its a very special persons birthday

Rose: Really who

I was excited cause she actually did remember my birthday

Karen: Its my assistant Tracy's birthday, thank you for reminding me, gotta go right now and pick up cake and presents for her

Rose: No problem mom, wish her happy birthday from me

Karen: I will, oh and I wont be back till 3 days cause you know with work, meetings, and Tracy's birthday, and me and Pattie are going on a cruise

Rose: Okay bye mom love you

Karen: Bye

she ran out of the house after that I guess she really did forget my birthday. Wait maybe she wants to surprise me today? Nah nobody ever remembered my birthday except for my dad but hes away now so yea.  I turned the t.v. and watched whatever.


Justin's prov

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped out of bed, used the bathroom,  and dressed into

and styled my hair like that too. I ran downstairs to my mom

Pattie: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Justin: PARTY!!!!!!!

Pattie: Okay calm down, I made you special breakfast

my mom came out with pancakes, bacon, cupcakes, eggs, toast, french toast sticks, orange juice, milkshakes, and all these other foods.


Pattie: Okay so what do you want to do today birthday boy

Justin: PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattie: Hahaha okay, so who are you inviting

Justin: Friends, celebrities, people

Pattie: Okay but what about Rose are you inviting her

Justin: Nah

Pattie: Justin

Justin: Mom, I barely know her and it would be awkward

Truth is I remember her and everything but people from school will be there so yea

Pattie: Fine but i'm going out to Karen's friend/assistant Tracy's birthday, and won't be back till 3 days cause me and Karen are going on a cruise

Justin: Are you forgetting something else

Pattie: Enjoy the new car Justin

Justin: I love you mom

Pattie: Goodbye my son

Justin: Goodbye mother

As soon as mom left I got my phone out and began dialing numbers this is going to be one crazy party.


Rose's prov

I was in my bedroom listening/rapping to Guap that was playing through my loud speakers. I was just hanging in my room playing, the chill spring weather felt nice for a change. I was right now trying to find something to do since everybody forgot it was my birthday maybe I should go out to dance. I stayed the clothes I was in and left to the studio and started doing my stretches.


Justin's prov

People like from school and celebrities started showing up. I cranked the music really high, and got the club lights out. The house was a bit tinted but the club lights made it look more partyish.

Chaz: BRO this party is sick

Justin: Dude I know

Chaz: Happy birthday bro

Justin: Thanks

After that so many other people wished me happy birthday!

We were going crazy right now me and Selena were dancing in the middle of the dance floor she was wearing


the music stopped and everybody stood around Ashley

Ashley: Justin, Rose lives next to you right

Justin: Yeah

Ashley: In honor of the birthday boy

everybody: WOOOOO

Ashley: Lets egg her house

Everybody except the celebrities cause they had to leave but Selena stayed, it was only people from school: WOOOOOOOOOO

We all got eggs and what not! I honestly felt so bad but our mothers won't be here and the paps aren't allowed to be by this community.


Rose's prov

(10 minutes before the egg plan was discussed)

I just finished showering and was in my closet looking for something while music could be heard from next door. After a minute I pulled out

(The bandeau)

After that I turned on my T.V. and watched some pretty little liars.


Justin's prov

We had garbage, toilet paper, eggs, and more garbage in our hands and we were ready to attack her house.

Ashley: Alright ready guys

We all nodded and quietly walked to in front of her house and trashed the outside, her house was covered in eggs, garbage, toilet paper. An angry Rose came out of her house

Rose: WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley: We were having fun

Chris: Have fun cleaning

After that everyone left and Rose stormed back into her house!


Rose's prov

Who pulls a prank on someone at 5:00 a.m. in the morning I mean who party's at that kind of time. I've had the best sleep of my night ever and someone had to ruin it! I got out all my cleaning supplies and went to see the damage. WOAH this will take at least a week to clean, is that pizza on my roof!! Ugh Justin is just pure EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been cleaning on ladders picking things up and Justin actually is looking at me through the window! God i'm so pissed of first nobody remembers my birthday, Justin trashed my house with his little possy, and i'm cleaning it all by myself! I was currently on top of a roof while Justin is just looking at me wow okay rude, i'm just picking up pizza, pasta, chips, soda can, steak what the hell!


Justin's prov

Alright it's time, i got my cleaning supplies and got out of the house. Rose actually looked pretty hot in her pajamas

Rose: What are you doing here

Justin: Look I was apart of the mess so I came to help

Rose: (murmurs) about time (back to normal talking) I don't need you help

Justin: Look i'm helping and you should be glad i'm helping you girls would be dying to see me in only sweatpants

(OMB just so freaking hot lol)

Rose: Hahahaha think again Bieber cause i'm dreading this moment

Justin: Let's just work

Okay this is the first girl that actually doesn't like working with a shirtless Justin, but god her pajama shorts are just so short, and that loose tank top that shows her bandeau ugh she's so evil.

Rose: So why did you and your stupid friends do this

Justin: Birthday prank

Rose: Destroying a house is not a birthday prank

Justin: Yes it is, you would know if you had friends

Rose: Can we just get to work

Man Justin your so stupid why would you say that

Justin: Look i'm sorry okay i didn't mean it

Rose: Yeah whatever

We went back to work for a while and actually finally finished!

Rose: Yes it's over

Wait I have an awesome idea

Justin: Hey you wanna go get some breakfast

Rose: Nah i'm going back to bed

Justin: Come on please, on me

Rose: Nah

Justin: PLEASE

Rose: Fine but i'm paying for myself

Justin: YES, now let's go get dressed and i'll knock at your door in 5 minutes cause girl's take really long

I quickly went to the shower!


Rose's prov

I just got out of my shower and got dressed into

(Ignore jewelry)

I grabbed my money and walked to Justin's house while he was running out wearing

Rose: I thought girls take longer

Justin: Alright alright but perfection takes time

Rose: Ha okay whatever

Justin: So which car are we taking

Rose: Were taking our skateboards

Justin: To IHop

rose: Yeah why not

Justin: I can't let people see me like that

Rose: Suit yourself Mr.Celebrity 

Justin: I'm kidding I just have to go get mine

After we both had our skateboards we skated toward IHop which was a bit fun. Once we got into the place we got our table and sat ourselves down

Justin: I've actually quiet missed boarding

Rose: So you mean you let a beautiful skateboard just collect dust

Justin: Pretty much

Rose: Your very cruel

Justin: It's just a skateboard there's many more in the world 

Rose: Fine why don't we just leave you in a corner to collect dust, after all your just human there's many in the world too

Justin: Fine jeez, so you take boarding pretty seriously

Rose: Pretty much, I go everywhere with it

Justin: don't you have a car

Rose: Yup just use that in the winter, or like really bad weathers

Waiter: What can I get you guys

Justin: Bacon, like lots of bacon, eggs, lots and loads of pancakes, hash browns, 4 bagels, orange juice, um and some milkshakes, oh and more bacon

Waiter: So that's for the both of you

Rose: No that's only for him, I'll just have two pancakes, fruit salad, and orange juice

Waiter: Is that it for you

Rose: Yea

Waiter: Be back with your food in a while cause what he's ordering is impossibe

Rose: Are you really going to eat that much

Justin: I'm starving

Rose: Well so am I

Justin: Well I work it off

Rose: So do I

Justin: but you barely eat

Rose: I do too

Justin: I dare you to step on a weight scale when we get back home

Rose: Okay but I worn you I weigh like hippo

Justin: So 


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