This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


36. spring break day 2

Rose's prov

Instead of the sun shining like yesterday today it was just raining hard, and thunder, it was foggy and dark outside and it was just 10:00 a.m., I got up from my comfy bed and hit the showers, then did what i had to do and changed into (without scarf)

(longer and lighter color)

I went downstairs and saw a note

Dear, Rose

Work, sorry left money order whatever. Be home late don't know when i'm coming.

Love, Mom

Oh well i guess i'm really used to it, I went back to my room and grabbed my guitar opened my curtains  from my balcony and started playing to Love The Way Lie (Skylar Grey). I was really getting into the song, then I heard knocking from my balcony and saw a slightly wet Justin standing in front of it, I dragged myself there and opened the balcony doors to be meeted with a huge blast of wind

Justin: Hey

Rose: Hi Justin, so what are you doing here

Justin: Just the usual you know going on girl's balcony's staying there until they open it then one way or another we have se-

Rose: Um Okay right now i will close the door

Justin: I'm kidding, nice place you got here

Rose: um you've been here before

Justin: I know but its just a conversation starter

I closed the doors and let him in

Rose: So what you want

I said as I closed the windows

Justin: Just came to hang

Rose: So what do you want to do

Justin: I don't know why not call up Ariana, Ryan, Chaz

Rose: Why not Selena

Justin: We just got into a fight and it would be awkward

Rose: gotcha, alright let me call them

I grabbed the phone and three way called them

Phone convo

Rose: You guys wanna come over

Chaz: I'm in

Ryan: same

Ariana: on my way

Rose: Oh and Justin's here

Justin: Hey guys

Chaz: Alright were coming bye

Rose and Justin: Bye

 End of convo

I turned next to Justin and i guess he saw my guitar

Justin: You good

Rose: im okay

Justin: play for me

Rose: um I dont know

Justin: One song please

I got my guitar and started strumming and played  let her go by Passenger
After like 4 minutes

I heard clapping all around me and saw Ariana, Chaz, Ryan, and Justin. I jumped up and hugged Ariana

Rose: You guys are here fast

chaz and Ryan: We get no hug

Rose: Ofcourse now come here

I gave them each a big bear hug

Justin: Hey I never gotten a hug

I gave him a small side hug

Justin: Your not fair

Rose: Well sorry but you never asked earlier and all you said a hug

Ariana: So let's go bake cookies

Justin: Or let's go watch a movie

Chaz and Ryan: MOVIE

Rose: I guess were watching a movie

Ariana: Ill get the junk food

justin: You'll barely find any in her house

Ariana: Your so stupid

Justin: Why is that

Ariana: have you seen her kitchen it's filled with sour patch kids, sour punch, kisses, and all other candies it's like a candy store

Rose: it's actually true

Justin: I won't believe till I see it

Rose: go ahead

he opened it and of course he was stunned on what he saw

Justin: Omg are you serious you never told me

Rose: Well i actually never really told anyone it's just Ariana found out last time

Before I knew they ran and started raiding my candy and after 2 seconds i joined them

Chaz: I'll get the movie in

Justin: im getting a call from Selena hold on


Justin's prov

Justin: Hey Sel

Selena: Justy i'm really sorry forgive me its my stupid fault we even started that fight (fake crying)

Justin: Oh Sel it's alright dont blame yourself for anything I forgive okay

Selena: Really you forgive what did I do to ever deserve you

Justin: yes I do and what did i do to deserve such an amazing girlfriend

Selena: where are you right now

Justin: I'm at Rose's

Selena: Tell her I said hi and that I miss her

Justin: okay

Selena: bye babe

Justin: bye cutie

After i hung up i knew that Selena is changing and im falling for her all over again


Part 2 coming soon but ooh drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comment if you want me to continue and leave suggestions continue like sorry for the wait :( but i'll start writing more because my computer finally got fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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