This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


35. spring break day 1

Rose's prov Today was the day spring break started it is a fresh new Monday wow i actually like a Monday. Anyway I got up out of bed used the bathroom, took a shower, brushed my teeth and wore

i did my hair like (longer and lighter color)

I ran downstairs to be greeted by my mom

Karen: Hey sweetie

Rose: Hey mom

Karen: So anything planned

Rose: Nope

Karen: Great because were going to the beach

Rose: What to you me were i mean only you and me right you could've said you and I

Karen: Yea well Justin and Pattie are coming to

Rose: Why are they always coming why do we spend time together so much

Karen: Just go get ready

Rose: Mom im not comfortable

Karen: You don't have a choice now scram shoo go

Rose: Ugh

I dragged myself upstairs and kept the clothes I was in just put this on underneath

(It's supposed to be white lol)

I kept my hair the way it was and ran downstairs again but to be suprised with Pattie and Justin
Pattie: Morning sweetie

Rose: Morning Pattie

Pattie: Justin where are your manners

Justin: Morning Rose

Rose: Morning (dull tone)

Karen: So how bout we grab a bite and head out

Pattie: sounds good
we gathered around the table and my mom and Pattie brought out bacon, pancakes, fruit salad, orange juice, eggs, and poptarts

Karen: eat up, today is gonna be a fun day

Justin dug into everything and so did Pattie and my mom but i just took fruit salad and some orange juice.

Pattie: Do you want more

rose: No thanks i'm good

I got up and went to my room and got my swimming bad and filled it with sunscreen, flip flops, lotion, a towel, tanning oil, my ipod, my wallet, some phone protecting screens, my polaroid camera, gum, keys, ear buds, water bottle, extra clothes, and other random things. I went downstairs again and met up with the rest of the people and we all got in the car and headed out to the beach with the radio blasting.


Justin's prov

Why does Rose just keep getting freaking hotter ugh I can't control my feelings anymore! Im the car I placed my hand on her knee feeling her tense up, I then whispered in her ear

Justin: You look beautiful today

Rose: shut up

She turned away and took my hand off of her knee

Rose: And don't touch me

I smirked so she's getting feisty. I just noticed she's not wearing her glasses oh my god her blue eyes are just so bright and so overwhelming to look at. I think i'm falling for her hard.


Rose's prov

Who does he think he is! We finally arrived to the beach and let me tell you it feels great to be back. 

Pattie: Come here guys I found a great place to sit

we walked over there and started setting our things and what not. 

Karen: Me and Pattie are going on a walk so you two stay here

I just nodded and slowly took off my clothes revealing my white bikini. When I turned around Justin was just staring at me with pure lust into his eyes ew. I sat on the towel and took out my suntanning oil

wait this could be my time to get revenge to show him what he missed out on

Rose: Hey Justin, do you mind helping

Justin: o-oh uh um s-su-sure

Rose: Great

He approached me still having his mouth a bit open and kneeled by me. I gave him the bottle and he uncapped it and touch his fingers on my back at that moments I had sparks fly through my body

Justin: So w-what mad-made you le-let me do th-this

Rose: Oh I don't know

He started rubbing the tanning oil all over me and i would be lying if I didn't say that there were butterflies in my stomach and that every time he touched me sparks would be flying.

Rose: You done

Justin: yeah

then he whispered in my ear

Justin: I wish I didn't finish

After he said that he smirked and went to his towel which right by mine. I layed down and started tanning and thought about what came over me a few minutes ago.


Justin's prov

I actually was surprised she let me rub tanning oil on her I mean with a body like that, and every

time I would touch her I would feel sparks. I started blasting my radio probably awakening her

Rose: What time is it

Justin: 2:00

Rose: Oh

Justin: Wanna do something

Rose: I guess, what do you want to do

Justin: Let's play volleyball

Rose: I guess

We walked over to the nets and some people invited us to play and guess who invited us it was Selena (Gomez, she's pretending to be nice), Ryan (Justin's friend not the bully), Chaz (not the bully), Ariana (grande)

Ariana: ROSE I haven't seen you forever

Ariana tackled her into a big hug

Chaz and Ryan: OMG It's you we thought we lost you

They joined the hug too

Selena: Long time no see

Selena gave her a hug too maybe Selena was becoming nicer.

Rose: You guys can't breath

Ariana: Oh yea sorry just really excited to see you

Rose: Same her, life has been so boring without you guys

Justin: Hey I was there

Rose: Exactly life has been so boring without you guys
Ariana: Alright let's do girls vs. boys

Selena: I call playing in the back

We started the game letting girls go first cause you know the guys always win.


Rose's prov

Rose, Ariana, Selena: $40-21 HA WE WON

Justin: No fair you guys cheated

Ariana: We did not cheat, we had Rose on our team

Rose: I did nothing but hit it

Selena: exactly you sure you weren't on a volleyball team before

Rose: Nope haha

Chaz: Ugh fine you guys win

Ariana: Boo yah, losers

Selena, Ariana, Rose: L-O-S-E-R-S what does that spell LOSERS

Ryan: Alright we get it we lost, now let's go hit the waters

We ran to the water and started splashing each other and having a good time

Pattie: Come on guys

We all ran to our towels and started to dry off looking at the sunset

Ariana: Today was truly a fun day

Rose: yeah it actually was

Chaz: Hold up did Rose actually say a day was good especially a Monday -gasp-

Rose: Shut up Chaz hahahahaha

Justin: You guys wanna go to the broadwalk it's like a carnival at night

Ariana: sure let's just change

Me Ariana and Selena went to the ladies room on the beach and changed into the spare clothes we bought

Rose wore:

no bag


Ariana wore: and pink flip flops

hair: lighter color

Selena wore and her hair: without bag

We came out to see Justin, Chaz, Ryan waiting for us

lol weird picture but their so cute

Justin: finally let's go

Selena: Whatever

We all headed to the broadwalk and spotted a ferris wheel

Chaz: Let's go to the ferris wheel, I call sitting next to Ariana

Ryan: With Selena

Rose: I guess it's the both of us, now come on

I dragged him to the ferris wheel and let me tell you it was fun, we kept screaming at Ryan, Chaz, Ariana, and sometimes Selena and they would yell back. We made lots of jokes and had a fun time that day.

At home

After the beach I was really tired and changed into my pajamas and went to bed.



hey sorry i wasn't writing but i'm back on and will write more often. Can you guys please follow me on instagram Nicegirlswag and Twitter bieber4lif1 for more chapters. It would mean alot if you guys did thanks.

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