This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


8. spin the bottle

Rose's prov

I woke so freaking depressed ugh. I hate my life. Did my routine put on black chachi mamas, purple hoodie, black/purple/white supras, black beanie and my white nerd glasses. As i headed out Justin pushed me back into my room. "Bitch why don't you die already, i mean nobody like you your dad left you and now you mom left you" Justin spat. He hurt me really badly to top it off He hit me really badly. After he left I stayed down letting so many tears out. I went into my bathroom and let the razor run through my skin. After a couple more i wrapped my hand in gauze and pulled my hoodie sleeve down. I had red puffy eyes but you couldn't really see it. As i headed downstairs for the couches Pattie called. "Join us were actually all playing spin the bottle except i'm super vising and since nobody is related here i guess we can play. I sat down with the rest of the "crew" and Ashley went first. She got chaz she kissed him and i think Chaz got tounged . Brittney went she got Ryan. Isis got Christian and then it was Justin's turn. I closed my eyes hoping for it to land on someone else. I slowly opened my eyes to see the bottle on me oh no. Justin looked nervous but he actually smirked it off. "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss" Pattie chanted. Justin got closer and we kissed I would be lying if i told you it was bad. 

Justin's prov 

I felt sparks everywhere after that kiss i wanted to keep doing it. Justin stop thinking like that ugh. "Guys lunch time" My mom exclaimed. Everyone headed towards the kitchen. I pulled Rose apart "That was a one time thing got that you whore you better not give me herpes or something" I spat. She nodded with watery eyes. For lunch we had sandwiches while Rose has and apple that girl barely eats. "Mom were going to be in the backyard." I said. After that we all left. 


Rose's prov

What wouldn't be the perfect time to skateboard around. I grabbed my board out of the closet and headed out. I found a nice space in their backyard which i can skateboard. Of course Justin and the boys were right by me because they were playing basketball. The girls were tanning. As i kept boarding the basketball hit my leg forcefully. "Ay bitch come here" Justin spat. Without me knowing i just walked up to him. "You against me slut" Justin spat. "Okay" I mumbled. As he got the ball at first i didn't try but then something came over me. I grabbed the ball out of Justin's hand and headed for the hoop. As i was dunking Ryan smashed into me and made me fall onto the court. I shouted in pain so much. Pattie rushed up to me "Are you okay sweetie" Pattie asked. She looked at my foot. "Chaz get the car started Justin pick her up" Pattie demanded. Justin picked me up bridal style. 

Skip Hospital and car ride. 

turns out my foot was broken. 


Justin's prov

I was bored cause my friends all left, so i was just bored with Rose. I decided to watch her struggle upstairs. I ran past her up to the bathroom after like 5 mins. I walked back to the hallway but as i was going Rose's door was a bit open. She was asleep man she looked so peaceful. I saw a little recorder i put that into my pocket to listen to it in my room, saw a song book as i was reading it actually sounded really good, then there was this award, 1'ST PLACE FOR SINGING COMPETITION IN THE 5TH GRADE! She sings weird. I heard her shuffle so i left the room and put her stuff on my drawer and crashed into a deep sleep.


Thank you guys so much your comments mean so much to me and all your likes. All this makes me want to keep writing for you guys! THANKS

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