This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


37. part 2

Rose's prov

Chaz: So what did Selena say

Justin: Sel was just apologizing

Waiting he was using that look as if he were in love is he back in love with Selena.

Chaz: Let's invite her over then

Rose: I already texted her she's coming in 5 minutes.

Chaz: Until then i'll get the stuff ready

Rose: Hey i called Miley over she'll be here in like 2 minutes

Ariana: yes now the party is getting started

Ryan: Were only watching a movie

Ariana: But stilllllllll

-ding dong-

Ariana and Rose: i'll get it

Miley: Hey ya'll

Ariana and Rose: MILEY

we tackled her in a big bear hug

Miley: So i'm guessing you guys missed me
Ariana: we have to catch up on sooooooooo much

Rose: yess

Miley: Come on lets go

Selena: Wait up for me

I guess Selena had just came here

We let her in and greeted her. She went to Justin and the guys

Miley: Who invited slutena hoemez (No offence i love Selena but she better back off Justin lol jkjk)

Me, Miley, and Ariana went up to my room to start getting in out pajamas while the others waited for us.

Ariana's pajamas (no shoes)


                                Miley's pajamas (no shoes or purse)

Rose's pajamas ( no shoes  instead and in a white color)


We walked downstairs and saw Selena wearing yoga shorts shorts and a bralette and all the guys wearing basketball shorts and guy tanks except for Justin he was shirtless of course.

Chaz: I'm ready for the food

Ryan: first let's decide on the movie

Justin: How about The Conjuring

Rose: I'm in

All: Same

Chaz: I'll get the foooooooddddd

We sat on the couch it was Ariana and Chaz, Ryan and Miley, Justin and Selena leaving me on the one couch with just my teddy bear

Rose: wow thanks i feel so loved

Chaz: Oh no problem

Selena: Let's just start the movie

Justin got the movie on and we turned off the light and started watching

Chaz: Dude i'm starting to get a little scared

Ryan: Man up bro-----ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Chaz: What happedned to manning up

Ryan: She just popped out of no where sjut up

wecontinued to watch and I slowly drifted to sleep



i think im boring you guys so tell me if i should fast forward or continue the pace but just write like more cause either way i have amazing ideas and sorry for the wayyyyyyy longgggggggggggggg hold up i am on vacation for 3 more months maybe more so ill be busy but ill try my hardest and for more chapter please follow me on instagram belieber_876


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