This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


2. hell

Rose's prov

My alarm clock rang on my iphone i guess it's another day of hell. I finally managed to get out of my comfy bed and hit the warm shower. I went into my walk in closet and grabbed

and ran out the door with my backpack. As i walked in the cold snowy weather i saw justin and his crew drive by laughing at me. I ran the rest of the way to school. I got to my locker and quickly grabbed my books and ran to math. As i walked to the back of the room justin and stephanie were making out of course while they were making out justin shot me a death glare. Ugh why can't i just be a normal girl i mean what makes me so different. As Mr.Apple kept talking i got a note that was passed to my desk


just die nobody loves you they don't even want to talk to you well i also suggest you to lay off the bacon no wander where your gettin that double chin, flabby arms, and fat rolls



Great another reason to hate myself. "Congradulations to Rose to get the highest score in the school for the test." Mr.Apple exclaimed. You think i should be happy no this world is so cruel it's another reason why i get bullied becauseof my intelligence. The whole class just groaned and cursed under their breath uh oh i  know i'm in trouble after class.


Justin's prov

Of course ms.geek just had to get another highscore on the test man i could tell you this get's on my last nerve. The bell rang and i knew what to do. Everyone went into the lunch room and all the teachers did too so i went to her locker which is of course next to mine. "Hey piggy want some bacon." I exclaimed while chuckling. she just hung her head low and sighed. "What you can't talk speak you want some bacon piggy." I shouted. I pushed her to the ground and kicked her stomach and sides. "Next time you fail the test, do my homework, tell me the answers to the test questions or it'll be worse. And with that said i left leaving her layin on the ground and walked into the lunchroom. The whole lunch perod flew by and Rose never appeared for lunch. I quickly finished my lunch and spang to the library to get Dave the dork to do my book project. While i was passing by the halls i heard a guitar and heard the most angelic voice ever. When i was about to walk in but the bell rang so i shrugged it off and just left to class.


Rose's prov

The bell rang so i got out of the music room as sneakily as i could and sprinted all the way to class. I found my seat all the way at the end of the room by nobody but as i was walking to my seat somebody tripped and i fell but the whole class started laughing hard but worst part was that my foot had like dug its self to a metal rod and it hurt like crazy. "Oh my god Rose Justin help her foot out some one grabbed the nurse.\." Mr.apple shouted. Of course justin forced the metal rod out forcefully but my foot still hurt so badly i let out a couple of tears out. "Justin carry Rose to the nurse right now," Mr. apple exclaimed. Rose quickly just got me up bridal style and carried me to the nurse. "Don't get excited this is a once in a lifetime thing bitch,"Justin hissed. "Don't worry,"I murmured. I put my head down and just couldn't wait till we got to the nurse. At the nurse i got sent home and a broken foot with a vey big cast

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