This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


48. hawaii day 1

Rose's pov

We finally laned, and let me tell you i'm so excitedto get away for a week on paradise. So me, Selena, and Ariana were sharing a hotel, my mom and Patie are sharing one, Justin, Chaz, and Ryan were sharing a hotel room. They had three rooms in each and were pretty big, and were in a resort so you could imagine how happy i was. 

Ariana: Wanna head out and explore

Rose: Sure, wanna ask Selena

Ariana: Do we have too

Rose: yes now come on


Selena walked in my room

Selena: nope, i'm heading out with the guys

Rose: Weelll okie dokie

She walked out, so did Ariana, and I changed into 

(no necklace) If you end up seeing PINK shorts, there supposed to actually be galaxy printed high waised shorts.


Ariana walked in wearing

Ariana: OMG your actually wering shorts, and a tank top

Rose: It's not like i never wear it

Ariana: Well let's gooo

we grabbed our phones and wallets and left skipping out the door with excitement.

Ariana: This place is sooo cooolll

Rose: I wish I lived here

As we walked outside we could see how beautiful hawaii is

Ariana: it's really hot can we a slurpee

Rose: Yass

we walked over to the stand and I got myself a blueberry slurpee, while Ariana got a cherry slurpee, once we paid we headed off to walk around. 

Ariana: isn't this so beautiful

she said, as we walked around the beach

Rose: Yeah I mean just look at the sun and the trees and the view

Ariana: I wish I could so this way more often

Rose: It's just the perfect escape

we continued to laugh and talk about the most random things ever when we heard someone call us

Chaz: HEY GUYS!!

He ran over to us

Ariana: Heyy, how's it goin

Chaz: Well pretty boring

Rose: Why

Chaz: Well Selena had us go to the hawaiian boutique, and then she dragged us to this girl store and we finally decided to go find something to eat, and I spotted you guys here

Ariana: Where are the others

Chaz: Grabbing smoothies, they said they'll come here as soon as they get it

With that we saw Ryan carrying smoothies, and Justin and Selena carrying bags full of stuff

Ryan: Hey watcha guys been up to

Ariana: We've had an amazing time just exploring and let me tell you it's so beautiful

Ryan: luckkyyy we've been d-

Rose: We know Chaz was just whining about it

Selena: atleast your nails are way better looking

Justin: My arms are killing me

Rose: you guys should check out that side of the beach, where the rocks are, it's so relaxing

Ryan: Why don't we call one of the bellboys to take these bags to Selena's room and we can just hang out

Justin: Sounds ammazing to meeee

he exclaims while walking to me and putting half his body weight on me, attempting to hug me

Rose: Justiinn get off me

I laugh

Justin: Come on I didn't even get to say hi or hang out with youu

Ariana: Will you two already date or something come on

Ryan: Seriously you guys would be perfect, plus we actually like Rose

Selena: I'm still here like i'm not invisible

Rose: Righht

He get's off me while I link my arms with Ariana and we walk

Ariana: Are you guys coming or what

They ran up to us while we continued to admire the beautiful view infront of us.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Comment more suggestions, and if I should continue, and thanks for being so patients!


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