This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


16. concert

Rose's prov

I woke up feeling like something really bad was going to happen, well that's like everyday so i just shrugged it off. I got up went to the bathroom did what i had to do showered, brushed, and looked in the closet for a nice pair of clothes. I found this.

After i did my hair, it was longer

And i put on my nerd glasses of the day

I headed out to see everybody eating french toast with maple syrup and bacon. 

Pattie: Hey sleepy head come join us take a seat next to Justin

What why next to him, i dragged my body to the chair and sat down next to him. He was smirking ugh.

Alfredo: Help yourself Rose

I grabbed an apple and started chewing while everybody was just interested in their own conversations

Scooter: So guys we have a concert tonight and Rose you will be the leading dancer in tonights performance got that

Selena: I was thinking why don't i do it today cause i heard your going to be playing the song beauty and a beat and Justin will have to grind in that song

rose: Yea let her she'll be perfect for it

Scooter: I don't know, i think Rose is best for the job

Justin: Same

Selena: Come on Scooter

Rose: Let her just be the lead of beauty and a beat i'll be the lead of the rest of the songs

Scooter: Fine

Justin: Babe i was rooting for you the whole time

Selena: I know babe, i love you

Alfredo: You guys we have to get ready for the show


Justin's prov

I just finished with hair and some shiner, i got dressed into

I was just practicing when Selena came out wearing her second opening act outfit

She was so hot


Rose's prov

I finished getting dressed

I was wearing

Jacket: she kept her's open



Scooter: Alright guys we have a show to start Rose you're up and Justin you will play piano and please stop staring at Rose

Justin: I was not

Ryan (Not Justin's friend, his crew person): Justin really you're eyes say otherwise

I just walked out and sang skyscraper and quickly came back to change into my dancers outfit

and i saw Selena change into her whatever 

I swear she was like seducing justin through the whole performance like ew. 

After the show i went into the bus and changed into my pajamas and went into the dining room to eat with the rest of the crew and i managed to get stuck sitting next to Justin again, iguess we were the only ones wearing pj's cause everybody were wearing casual and Selena was still in her beauty and a beat outfit.

Scooter: Today's show was amazing like always

Pattie: You know Rose we should like have you do a duet with Justin

Rose: Um i don't know

Justin: Only perfect people sing with me

Ariana: Justin, Rose is seriously amazing i mean she's exploding on twitter

Scooter: Great idea

Selena: How come i never got a duet with Justin

Alfredo: We need a new look

Justin: Tomorrow we have no concert we can work on it

Scooter: Great idea Justin, come on Rose

Rose: Sure,it sounds like fun

I finished with half my salad and went to my bedroom and began to read through facebook



go die




Those were on my news feed every single day, i began crying when Selena, and Justin came in and started beating me up and telling me all these rude comments. After that i ran into the bathroom, cut myself, and walked into bed right by Justin. I started letting a few tear drops fall and i guess i just couldn't fall asleep.


Sorry for not updating you do not know what happen. Every time i wrote it would freeze then i would restart it ugh so i finally got this done and yeah. Thanks for every thing you guys like always make my day. :)

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