This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


47. Christmas eve

Hiii!! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happpy Holidays!!If idon't update tomorrow i'd like to wish you guys the best holidays ever and have fun! I'm just saying that i don't have a conputer at this moment and I stole my nrothers tablet to do this chapter since I can't really do this on my phone, nd my brother doesn't really like me using his tablet. So enjoy this chapter I love you guys!!!!!


Rose's pov

I sat around the christmas tree with my mom, she's finally home! The fireplace on, the hot chocolate with marshallows in it, talking and laughing with my mom, it just couldn't get better.

Mom:How's it been without me

Rose:Boring, I miss times like these 

Mom:I know especially with dad

Rose: Yea, We'd go christmas caroling then come home and watch the Home Alone series, then he's pick you up and take you underneath the mistletoe

Mom: And then he'd tell you to cover your eyes

Rose: I never really covered them

Mom: He'd chase you around the house

Rose: He's swoop me up and make me laugh

Mom: I'd get the cookies out of the oven and begin decorating them

Rose: He'd atleast eat 5 before we even began decorating                                                                

Mom: You used to call him the cookie monster, and used to say that the puppet was based on your dad

She laughed that laughed I cherished to hear

Rose: I left milk and cookies for santa

Mom: While me and him sat on the piano bench, him playing christmas songs on the piano

Rose: Yeah and then he'd sit me down and show me the notes

Mom: He'd take my hand an we would dance as you played those beautiful notes

Rose: He loved us so much

Mom: We'd all go into your room and snuggle into the bed as we watch how the grinch stole Christmas.

Rose: i'd eventually fall asleep 

Mom: We'd kiss you goodnight everynight, he called you his princess

Rose:Yeah I loved the way he called me that

Mom: We'd get the house ready for you to wake up on Christmas, and fall asleep listening to classical music

Rose: I miss him

I couldn't say that without realeasing a few tears

Mom: He promised to watch over us and he is, he never left spiritually

she also had a few tears running but held it back

Mom: Why don't we watch movies while decorating our cookies

we popped in home alone as we decorated cookies and ate them t the end

Rose: Mom, when are you leaving next

Mom: Alright I have a suprise for you

Rose: What?!!!

Mom: Well me and Pattie decided after we open presents and have lunch we leave for a vacation to Hawaii for a week!

Rose: well i hope you have fun there

Mom: No silly, i mean you me, Pattie, Justin, Jazzy, and Jaxon Jeremy and Erin can't make it. i think some of justin's friends are coming and so is Ariana 

Rose: OMG seriously Hawaii!!! No way you guys are the best!!

Mom: Were leaving at 5 p.m. so why don't you go pack, i'm heading to bed

Rose: Night mommy love you

Mom:love you too

I ran upstairs and took out my small suitcase and backpack. I packed my small suitcase with clothes that will last for two weeks, you never know what happens. I packed my toiletries, make up, shoes, and whatever. I packed my Northface backpack with books, a hoodie, my laptop, Ipad, and ipod, I was gonna have my phone in hand. After packing I put them to the side and looked out my window as I saw all the christmas lights and the snow blaring down. It was winter break and my senior year. I stared at the picture of my family before dad died, and went to bed. Listening to the winds outside i fell asleep.

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