This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


43. book store

Rose's prov

Today a new bookstore opened at downtown L.A. So i'm going to go check it out. I Quickly went to the bathroom and did whatever I had to do and changed into (No jewelry and a grey cardigan) 

(Longer blonde hair)

I grabbed my wallet and headed to my car.


Justin's prov

It's me, Jazzy, and Selena at L.A. Downtown. Selena was apparently trying to help me get Rose

Selena: Justin listen you have to act like your in love with me, take time with being with me more

Justin: How will that help

Jazzy: Bieberr I want to go to tha toy place by da book storee

Justin: Not now Jazzy

Selena: It will trust me


Rose's prov

Omg book heaven. I love this place it's so nice and humongous! I was currently just at some when I heard a high pitched scream from outside, I ran outside to see what was that and saw a truck zooming at this little girl who stood frozen of fear. I didn't know what to do so I ran as fast as I could and wrapped the small girl in my hands and rolled out of the way. we were so lucky because by now the truck zoomed past us. I felt so much pain in my body probably from the cuts and bruises I got. 

Justin: JAZZY 

Why is Justin coming up to us

Justin: JAZZY omg are you okay, i'm so sorry i wasn't paying attention it all just happened too fast!

Jazzy: it's okay Bieber, sissy moved me out of the way

Justin: Oh Rose, thank you thank you thank you how can I ever repay you

Rose: With nothing at all, seriously I would risk my life for this little angle

Justin: Thank you seriously

Justin had some tears, 

Justin: I don't know what i would've done if she died, or worse if you both had died I wouldnt ha--

Rose: Hey it's okay just don't worry about the past she's okay now isn't she

Justin: yeah i guess

Rose: But how did you not notice she was gone

Selena: Because we were talking

she came out in surprise

Rose: well I guess I should get going

Justin: why don't I drop you off

Rose: No I have to go get a haircut anyway

Justin: um okay bye

I left and quickly got in my car and drove to the salon to get my haircut. My hair was now up to my waist, I payed and thanked them and left as soon as possible on how bad my bruises were hurting. I took a bath and put on some ointment on my bruises and fell asleep in my fuzzy pajamas.


Justin's prov

all I could think about was her, she saved my little sister. I just fell in love with her more if that's even possible. She's perfect and a hero. My thoughts buzzed about her all night.


Selena: There's now way i'm actually helping Justin get Rose i'm actually getting him to fall in love with me again. do you really think I would help him get her eww Justin only belongs with me. You see i'm getting him to look like he loves me and then Rose get's hearbroken and Justin actually falls for me. All I know is Justin will be Mine!

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