This is about Rose who is constantly bullied by justin bieber and his crew. her dad died and her mom is a constant worker who owns a lot of property


26. 3 months later

Rose's prov (3 months later)

I was back home in my old room listening to the radio while taking pictures of the Stratford streets, with my new camera. I was sitting on the bench that was by my window sill perfect moment but in a hour i have to go back to hell and yes i mean school. I had already used the bathroom so i went into my closet and got out

And my usual black nerd glasses

It was a nice fall morning. I got my Ipod and walked out of the house and decided to walk to school. I know your like she was famous and has these cool cars well i just don't want people to treat me differently. I walked to school listening to music and no i'm not in contact with Scooter or anybody because i guess they forgot about me. My mother didn't even know who i was because of my looks but she says i look so much prettier than usual but shes lying. A lot of people said i look different but i only my eye color got a bit brighter for some reason but eh. I approached the school, the school that got me depressed, pushed myself to cut, called me the most hurtful names ever the hell that ruined and broke me. I took a deep breath and walked in but as soon as i walked through the doors i instantly put my head down and tried to avoid anybody looking at me. A lot of people were looking cause i'm the new girl and everything

Random guy: eww theirs a new girl

Random bitch: She looks like a slut

Guy: She so ugly

Bitch: Omg right i look way hotter

Ugh seriously this shit again. I went into the classroom and sat all the way in the back away from the crowd cause even though they think i'm the new girl i've been with these bitches for my whole life.

Mr.Apple: Alrighty class so today were going to just have a free day cause these nails need a manicure

I took out my book and stated reading cause you know i got really bored so whatever. Hours passed and i swear this school still didn't change, the bullies still hate me well actually the whole hates me. I ran back home cause you know i'm getting tired and i just can't stay in here any longer. I was just outside walking and i guess i forgot that my new neighbors were going to move in this morning fingers crossed it's nobody from school.I went up to my room said hello to my mom and quickly changed into yoga shorts and a tank top. I put my hair in a messy bun and started dong my homework. After finishing my homework i went to the big window and sat there to just read. I looked up and saw that big window that faces my window(like the one in taylor Swift's video you belong with me) It was covered with a curtain but their was some light peeking through. I guess someone finally decided to move in.

Mom: Rose can you come down here

Rose: Okay

I walked downstairs to the kitchen were my mom was she's actually barely home so it's been a while since i've seen her

Mom: So are new neighbors moved in and it's a surprise who it is but were all going to go to the karaoke doke to song ad eat and just relax after a hard working friday

Rose: But mom

Mom: No buts and wear something casual and you will be performing tonight

Rose: No you know i can't sing in front of people

Mom: Well their son Justin decided to take a break from the fame for a while and he'll be performing too

Rose: Mom you just ruined the surprise i know it's Pattie that moved in next door with Justin

Mom: Fine go get changed

I dragged my self upstairs and made sure to shut my curtains and went to take a shower and whatever and went into the closet and picked out

black tights

and for makeup a layer of eos lipbalm


Justin's necklace he gave me


Justin's prov

Pattie: Hey Justin can you come down here

I walked into the kitchen where my mom was making cookies

Justin: Yea mom

Pattie: Today were going to the karaoke doke with our neighbors

Justin: Can um Selena come

Pattie: (sighs) okay

Justin: By the way who are the neighbors

Pattie: Karen (Rose's mom) and her daughter Rose does that name ring a bell

Justin: (thinking) nope

I ran back upstairs and changed into 

and called Selena to tell her about the plans and she agreed.


Rose's prov

I was playing piano while i waited for my mom to finish. 

Karen: Oh my dear why did you stop playing

Rose: Mom seriously

Karen: Fine but we have to leave so let's go

We walked out and at the same time Pattie walked out

Karen: Hello Pattie long time no see

Pattie: Agreed but we'll have so much fun being neighbors, and who is this young lady

Karen: it's Rose

Pattie: You have changed so much just becoming beautiful every time i see her

Karen: So where's Justin 

Pattie: He's here and Selena is with her, Justin come here please 

Justin came out laughing and being all happy with Selena they were so attracted to each other and Selena was wearing 

Pattie: Justin this is Rose maybe it rings a bell

Justin: Um no, but hi Rose i'm Justin and this is my beautiful girlfriend Selena

Wow okay so he forgot me after i went on tour with him and he even bullied me so wow okay but hey it's better if he doesn't remember me.

Karen: So let's head out 

We went into the car and arrived at karaoke doke and we sat in one of the booths

Pattie: What do you want to order

Justin: I want a burger, wings, fries, coke, and milkshake

Selena: Same but without the wings and milkshake

Pattie: Rose what about you

Rose: (quiet voice) um i'll just have the milkshake

Karen: Are you sure anything else

Rose: nah not hungry

Justin: So Rose tell me what you like to do

Rose: I like to skateboard and read

Justin: Cool maybe one day we can board

Selena: So any hobbies

Rose: Um not really

Karen: not true

Pattie: What do you mean Karen

Karen: Rose is a great musician and has many other talents

Rose: mom seriously

Karaoke host comes on stage

Host: Alright everyone pumped for tonight

Crow: Woo

host: Anyone wanna come up here first

Selena: i'll go

Host: alright welcome Mrs.Gomez

She sang love you like a love song

Host: Wasn't she great

Crowd: Woo yeahh

Host: Alright next we have Jessica performing

Pattie: So Justin are you going to sing 

Justin: Yea i'll go next

Karen: Rose why don't you go up there

rose: Nah im okay

Selena: Yeah you should try it

Rose: no seriously im a horrible singer

Pattie: Please do it for us

Rose: I'll do it after Justin but warning i'm horrible

Selena: Yeahh

Okay why is Selena being all nice strange like very

Justin went and sang one less lonely girl and let me tell you he was so amazing 

Host: Okay so who's the next

Justin: Rose i think that's your que

Selena: She wants to go

Host: Ah we have found someone

I dragged myself onto the stage and waited for the music to start. Royals played and i began singing. I fished and everyone started clapping and cheering

Host: What's your name

Rose: um Rose

Host: great job Rose

 I went off stage and back to the table

Pattie: Woah, your just amazing

Selena: Wow

Karen: I never heard you sing like that

Justin: Wow you have an amazing voice

Rose: That was just a one time thing okay i will never ever sing again

Pattie: But your so amazing

Rose: Mom im getting tired

Karen: yea it's getting late we should all leave

We went into a nice quiet car and went back home. I swear i ran upstairs and quickly got changed into

after i changed into that i turned on my music and made myself comfortable on the big fuzzy beanie and turned on the T.V.


Justin's prov

Me and my mom just dropped Selena off and got home, the maids had already set the house so it wasn't lots of work. I ran into my room and changed into pajama bottoms but no shirt can't believe tomorrow's no school it's Saturday. 

I fixed my curtain but while doing that i saw Rose just laying in her beanie chair and was watching sponge bob and listening to some music at the same time. She looked so cute but the best part is her window is right across mine! I had an idea, i opened my window and called out Rose's name. After a little while she came out to the window but we both had these mini balcony's.

Justin: Hey wanna watch a movie

Rose: Uh yea sure

I came into her room which was awesome!!!!!!!!

Justin: What movie

Rose: i don't know you pick

Justin: The conjuring

Rose: I hate scary movies

Justin: Don't worry i'm hear (Superman pose)

We were watching and she kept closer every time there was a scary part. By the end we were snuggling and every time i touched her i felt sparks and fireworks shoot through me. I honestly felt so good next to her i really just wanted to kiss those juicy lips but i have a girlfriend. 

Justin: Okay thanks for the movie but im getting pretty tired so goodnight

Rose: Same here goodnight 

I went home and instantly crashed.

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