I bite

I bite. Niall Horan. He's the bad boy in school drinks, fights and a total player. But one thing nobody knows is that he's a wolfblood. What happens when he meets Cat Tevens? Mrs.Perfect-all-the-time. Will opposites attract? Or will Cat just have yet another broken heart?


3. Refusing

Cat's Point ~ of ~ view

"N-Niall your a-" I start but he's covers my mouth. "Please, don't say anything." He says, after turning back to himself. I just witnessed him in werewolf form. "Nobody knows and I want to keep it that way." He growls. He's back. "Not with that attitude it won't." I sneer. His face tightens and looks worried almost... "Cat I really am sorry but you can't tell anyone. If my secret let's out everyone's gonna be all over me and my family." He says softly. "Why your family?" I ask. "Because they're wolfbloods to." He says quietly.  An "Oh." Is all I let out. "Yeah. It's hard keeping it from everyone. Especially Stacy." He adds quietly. I let out a small laugh. "Yeah she is quite something." I reply. "Mhmm." He says. "Niall. We're like completely opposite and I think that we shouldn't communicate any longer." I state having a blade through me. His face turns from happy to sad..."Cat opposites attract you know." He replys. "Only sometimes Niall. Only sometimes." I say. "Before you say anything else, thank you and goodbye." I say walking away. I may be a "nerd" but I can be sassy when I want to be. I hope Niall isn't to disappointed. Wait?

Why should I care? Please, God. Please tell me I don't like Niall. I just totally blew him off! I can't like him. I CANNOT and WILLNOT like him. He has a girlfriend, he has a girlfriend. I keep replaying in my mind. Why Universe? Why does high school have to be this complicated?! Mind shut up! You don't like Niall, you don't like Niall. I mean he isn't my type at all but something's different with Niall. He can be a complete asshole one minute and then the next he's like an angel. Do you ever feel something that's so wrong but so right? That's how I feel about Niall. Little did I know he felt the same way. ----------------------------------------------------------

Hey guys! So I was just wondering if anyone wanted to be In this story! As one of the boys girlfriends ? So just fill out this info below!


Eye color:

Hair color: 

And a discription of you! Thank you ily❤~Mrs.Payne

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