I bite

I bite. Niall Horan. He's the bad boy in school drinks, fights and a total player. But one thing nobody knows is that he's a wolfblood. What happens when he meets Cat Tevens? Mrs.Perfect-all-the-time. Will opposites attract? Or will Cat just have yet another broken heart?


6. ''Little Party''

Cat's Point - of - view

I can't believe Niall just asked me to be his girlfriend. I really would like to say yes I mean, he's gorgeous and seems nice. But I don't know a lot of boys have hurt me before and I really would not like him to be on that list. ''Niall I would love to-'' I started but he cut me off. His eyes were glistening and I felt so horrible for what I was about to do. ''But, I cant get hurt again.'' As I said that he had tears in his eyes. I cant even explain how bad I feel right now. ''F-fine. Just please leave. I don't want my friends to see me like this.'' He said obviously very hurt. ''Niall I'm really sorry. I don't deserve you.'' I stated. He looked like he was about to- Oh no. I grabbed him as fast as I could and ran up the stairs into the bathroom. Thank god! I got him in there right before he turned into- well you know. He looked really scary I'm not going to lie. I think he might hurt someone if he's angry. But, I think he's just upset right now. ''Hello? Is everything ok in there love?'' I hear a British accent ask. ''Yes everything is fine. Niall is feeling a little gutted. (British word that I just learned ha-ha.) If I may ask who is this?'' I asked confused. ''I'm Liam. One of Niall's mates. We're all downstairs if you need us.'' He replies. Wait there's a we? ''Who else is there here?'' I ask. ''Oh he didn't tell you? He is having a little party. There's Harry, Louis, Zayn and all of their girlfriends. Oh and me.'' He adds. Wow he has a lot of friends over for a 'little party'. I thought to myself. Well, Niall is quite popular at school. I wonder how he met Liam he seems like a nice lad.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N Hey guys this is Lydia! Im updating on my laptop because its easier to write on. I know you guys wanted more so heres some (: I don't know how this is going to look but whatever. Sorry its short loves. But, I promise more will come :) ily all -Mrs.Lydia Payne

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