He Was The One

Layken is an average 19 year old girl who spends her time on tumblr, twitter, and Instagram, keeping up with One Direction. Her father became one of One Direction's managers. Layken has the chance to meet them. Never did she think she would end up dating none other than Harry Styles. Layken later realizes it was all a big mistake. She was devastated, as well as Harry. What happens in the end?! Read to find out!
(A/N: there will be a few Larry moments in this, so if you don't ship it just skip it!)


2. The Crazy Ride

*Harry's POV*

~2 hours earlier~

Hurry up, Niall!" I yelled.

"Coming!" He yelled back.

The boys and I headed out to the car. And like always.. I'm the one driving.

"Zayn can't you drive, mate?" I asked.

"No man, I don't know the way! What about Lou?" He answered.

"I haven't driven since I've gotten pulled over!" Louis added to the conversation.

"That's bullshit!" I practically yelled.

"Just drive! Someone! Please!" Liam protested.

"Whatever. I won't be driving you lads anywhere for a few days."

I got into the drivers seat. Louis sat in the passenger seat. Zayn, Niall, and Liam sat in the back in that order.

~present time~

We were 20 minutes away from our new managers house. Zayn fell asleep after 10 minutes of being in the car. Niall and Liam didn't say a word the whole ride.

"What's this guys name?" Niall suddenly asked.

"I don't know. I doubt he even knows our names. We've only seen him once.. Way earlier this morning." Louis said.

"All I know is that he has a daughter named Layken. She's 19 and she's a fan of ours." I said.

For 5 minutes there was a silence. Until Louis broke it; "Ouch! Liam, quit it!" He yelled.

"What is he doing?" I laughed.

"He's pinching my neck!" Louis screeched.

This repeated several times:





"Knock it off! I'm trying to sleep!" Zayn yelled with his eyes still closed.

"Zayn, mate, we'll be there in less then 15 minutes." Liam said.

"And lemme sleep for at least a few more of those 15 minutes!"


"Shuddup Liam!!" Niall demanded. But Liam kept humming the tune.

I looked to see if we needed gas since a gas station was up ahead.. Which we did. I pulled of to the gas station.

"Anybody want anything?" I asked before getting out.

"Nandos!!" Niall yelled.

"From here...."




Everyone but Zayn replied, "crisps it is, Zayn." I said.

I got out of the car and pumped the gas. I then entered the building to pay and get the snacks.

I came out of the gas station with mine, Zayn's, Niall's, and Liam's crisps, and Louis' gummies. I looked towards the car to see Louis punching the air chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" And Niall trying to get off the middle of Liam and Zayn fighting. I quickly ran over and open the drivers door.

"Lads!" I yelled, but no one cared.

"ENOUGH!" I yelled, this time I caught everyone attention. "What's going on?!"

"Liam wouldn't stop singing the Barbie song so I smacked him... Several times." Zayn spilled.

"I was trying to annoy Niall." Liam said.

We cleared things out and I started to drive as everyone at their snacks. 10 minutes later we arrived in the driveway.

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