The Payne sister

Rose is the girl that party's all night long has fun could make you feel like a better person even her smile made you want to live forever with no regrets she was happy and care-free, Well that is outside home...

At home its a battle field for 19 year old Rose Her famous Brother Liam gets all the worship from their family, she could never show them her real self, she couldn't show them the scars, the anxiety , depression she just couldn't show it!

Her whole life is' Oh Liam did this or Liam did that or Great job Liam or Rose why can't you be like Liam!? or why don't you do this like Liam?! ' she never feels wanted she knows that if they had the choice to kill either her or Liam she would be getting the boot....

Now she is forced to go on tour with her Big Bro and his band one problem is she hates their guts.. What will happen on the tour? will she finally be able to open up? or intoxicate herself even more...


3. A/N


Sorry for no update's I've been busy and i promise to update regular well ill try but i have writers block like every time i try to write a chapter in the day once i start i just erase it all cause it's not good and i have exams and shit so this is really fucked up but ill try 

- *-*

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