The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


7. ch7

“I hate her.” Were the three words that graced across Keve’s lips but he felt ashamed as the crewmate lead him down the steps.

“Why she let you walk mate, you should be kissing her boots.” The cremate said as he let Keve kneel and latched the bar that should hold him but it was just one that slid across hi ankles and locked the chain into place that was a bit bigger than the holes that locked it to place a bit of difficulty to freedom.

“Aye. I shouldn’t be complaining but still, I can’t help but wonder what she wants from me? The only thing I can think about is the fact that she should be on shore wearing a petticoat instead of a wasted one.” Keve exclaimed and the crewman let out a hardy laugh making him think that someone must have noticed his sense of humor but it failed.

“She has no rite land!” the crewmate yelled making Keve jump and wonder what he meant by the statement but the crewmate must had read his mind. “She wouldn’t survive in a petticoat because she is the highest caption that I had ever had the honor to be with.” He said and Keve said nothing other than a nod as he could smell every word come out of his putrid breath that drew tears into his eyes.

“How do you know she is a stuck up person that could though you in the brig!” Keve said and the man shoved him into the back of the bars.

“Because she isn’t a low life like you that will let his tongue be in the front of him.” He said and then just about to get out his own sword out Keve could hear someone come down the steps.

“I hope the prisoner isn’t giving you any trouble Mic.” Smidge’s voice rang and the crewmate stood up.

“He was just about to.” He said as he stopped away angrily without another word.

“What is wrong with him?” Smidge asked and Keve just shook his head. He thought that he was in the clear with the constant agony that he has such a creative way with word. “Anyway, you know who I am?” Smidge asked and Keve was silent thinking that it was another member of his family. Keve’s heart started to pound since he thought that Smidge was one of The Creed’s spies.

“I don’t know, but you do look familiar.” Keve said and Smidge shook his head in, disgrace.

“Look Creed member! I am the one you let go and I am thankful for that, but you know we, pirates, don’t like The Creed.”  Smidge yelled and Keve’s eyes widened thinking that this can’t be happening that he might be fish bait at any moment but one thing he was wondering about was that how did the first mate know.

 “That’s right assassin I know whom you are and yet you have no remembrance of the day before Davey could shove you to your grave.”

“You are the, the captive.”Keve whispered mostly to self but Smidge heard him. Smidge’s grin widened to where he was like a jester that might serve a king. Keve now understood why Smidge was acting the way he did because he was in hiding as well and being like Keve he is not sure of each other and they stared at each other for a bit.

Suddenly a loud crash rocked the boat where Smidge wobbled like a top that had lost its spin before catching himself on the opening of the room and made Keve’s heart jump thinking that he had already lived through one moment of almost dying and now this! Keve started to look around to see if he had all of his limbs while a bell rang from the upper deck. “ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATION WE HAVE AN OUTSIDER TO SEND DOWN!” The call rang out and Keve can tell that it was Lum manning the orders as Smidge slowly stood as Keve quickly got his eye contact onto the first mate.

“Ok, Keve you are one lucky person.” Smidge grimaced as he started to walk away and Keve spat where he stood knowing that he was going to be fish bait if he stayed down where he was. He started to think that this man that Lum has is just a sham to where the crew could think that this lady is the head although he isn’t questioning otherwise. He can hear the commotion outside as Smidge and Lum were both manning orders.

One of the other crewmates jumped down the steps while another manned the cannon to the opening of the window. Keve didn’t know who was out there but he didn’t care if it was a true enemy or his enemy that is threatening the crew above the hold.  Then the next thing he knows cannons is firing at them and living holes in the vessel. The shots wiz passed them one by one and he thought that he had to get out of there and either makes a brake for it without knowing where to turn or help them to gain trust by betraying the last man that he sees here if it all works out.

“Hey um, before I become practically worthless to you all. I need to inform all of you that I might have a bounty on me soon.” Keve dangled in front of the mate who’s eyes glistened like the sea that was glistening inside the boat as well as what they could see outside the sign that he also had monies spinning in his eyes as well as the sounding sea.

“Eye, well, is it because of a jealous lady friend of some sorts lad because you never should had left her for a life at sea.” The one crewman laughed that made Keve furious because he had no mate and was tempted to show the creed symbol that was around his wrist.

“No because I am a part of something that I need to get away from.” Keve huffed and the crewman motioned Keve to hold his ears since he had just lit the fuse of the canon and was about to blow.

The big blast wounded Keve’s ears that made it sound like someone with heavy sacks or books just plastered his head between them but he had to of been used to it by know which he wasn’t. The crewman just ignored him for a moment as Keve started to think of another way out of these holds.

“Look, I may be a bounty head but I can be of use since I have this on my side to help you all out.” Keve quickly shoed his marking to where the crewmate stopped and paused before he was sure what Keve had the marking of the creed instead of something more like a tattoo.

“The Creed.” The sailor mouthed and looked at Keve with a face that had drained with color. The man came over with wobbly legs that Keve thought he would fall over himself at any moment by just coming right to him. He slowly looked around like he knew that he wasn’t supposed to do this. But soon he got the chains to fall and the par from his hands and feet.

“I will not harm any of you. Just keep this a secret.”Keve said before he ran up the stairs to the deck of the ship leaving the crewmate in awe until he heard the caption yell at him to bring him back to what he was supposed to do.

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