The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


5. ch5

Keve climbed up the ship with wonder of whom he was going to meet. He thought that he had it in the clear with this whole Creed thing.  He climbed with his hands and his feet to where he could feel the blisters penetrate his hands without him caring too much. He flipped over the railing and stood up ready to be accepted into the crew.

But instead he got arms from people bounding him together and making sure that he doesn’t move at all. The people that looked like they came from all around the world were around him while they had him locking in bounds like he did when he faced Kieran and his supposedly fate.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Keve yelled and Smidge stepped forth from the top of the deck and slowly came down with one step on the step and making a thump with the other one like he had broken it and healed wrong in his youth.

“Making sure you aren’t one of those savages that like to come along here.”

“I am NOT unhand me! I want to speak to the captain!” Keve yelled getting impatient with this crew and he can tell that they were hiding something more sinister than what he would like to swallow at the moment.

“No, Besides I am the caption and what I am saying is that I say goes on the ship!” Smidge had it with Keve as well as Keve let his talent of sarcasm come out and mock the whole crew.

“Oh, I’m sorry my mistake of course you are the caption! Those rags portray someone that keeps it all to himself and nothing to these poor souls that you have in your labor. “ Keve sassed and he smiled while Smidge’s face started to turn a cherry red. He knew that this man that he was talking to couldn’t be the caption while another noise came over the deck. The voice was sweet and hateful to where Keve wondered whom it was and as he   looked up just in time to see stars from getting punched in the head by the sailor.

“Smidge! Be nice to our guest!” The woman stated at the top of the steps that lead to the wheel and Keve was stunned that she was on board on the outskirts of the ocean. The girl had on a white blouse that was tucked into her paints and those into her knee leather boots that had a belt buckle around them to keep the length. Her reddish brown hair was pulled back behind her shoulders while her emerald eyes became green daggers that were ready to pierce Keve at any moment. He immediately got the notion that he had to watch his step but he liked the presence of this lady on board. She was harsh but somewhat welcoming to him.

“Well hello there Miss.” Keve greeted in his kindest voice that he could muster that for some reason had sarcasm inside. She quietly staggered down the steps while keeping her shoulders back and posture perfect like she had been trained to walk that way by strict formalities that Keve would never understand.

“Why Smidge do you have this lad tied up like a captive when I strictly ordered you to just get help him up and to get his sea legs? I wonder sometimes how you of all men can be rude to our guest.”  Lum said strictly for show but Smidge wasn’t buying it at al. His facial expressions changed to complete disgust and let his cool go with his luster.

“I am sorry Miss Lum but I am just trying to protect you from the truth that might surprise the lad.” He stuttered making Keve curious what he meant by the truth upon this ship that he was lucky to get on. Keve started to look around and nothing screamed that something was off to him other than the slight girl touch on the sails that he could see but he figured that they were just ragged curtains that some women were remaking but the captain was desperate so he ordered the men to pillage them.

“I am no lad!” Keve said offended at the remark and Lum looked around like she knew Keve’s type of man, stuck up and sassy that should be put in a dress and called a drama king. But he was surprised that the secrete was about to unravel in front of him. Smidge tightened his grip on him thinking that the next statement would make him go overboard or hurt Lum.

“Silance the captain is speaking mate.” Smidge said and Keve’s eyes widened in confusion on which the captain is he looked around the boat where all he saw was men that were almost bone and smelled rotten to where they were almost dead like.

“I thought it was you Sir?” Keve shuddered and Lum just shook her head knowing that this was just another scoundrel that she would have to explain to that she is the captain and this is exactly why smidge should lay off for a while when it came to intros.

“You have been mistaken, tis I whom you seek.” Lum claimed and Keeve busted out laughing as if the crew just played the best prank that he had been put in.

“Oh man that was a hoot! Now seriously, who is the captain on the ship? I need to speak to the captain.” He started to try to ketch his breath in the beginning from laughing to hard but soon caught it as the last line scorched his lips. Lum had a unpleasant look on her face telling Keve that he had crossed the line but he had been talking to the captain all this time. He reared back as his mind awaited for some sort of apology that would jump at him since he is for sure heading to the brig or worse the plank.

Lum eminently got her sward out and held it just under his chin. Her eyes were more than daggers now since they were full of rage and uncharted territory that Keve wished that he never had put himself in. “I am the captain mate, I have worked hard to get here and don’t forget it.” She grunted through her clenched teeth that made chills go up and down Keve’s back. Honestly he couldn’t help making Lum feisty and wrap his mind around the part that she is a girl and there was something that he had to mention.

“Well then what about the bad luck?” Keve said and Lum raised an eyebrow in wonder of where he was going with this. She was already angry at him for his past comments and he is treading water and about to sink fast but he didn’t head the warning signs that Lum and Smidge was showing him.

“What bad luck Sir?” Lum hissed as she started to glare at him as if he was a very nice meal which right now if she wasn’t so good at waiting on others he would be with the sharks.

“I mean tis bad luck to have a woman on board isn’t it? And since you are one does that mean this ship is basically wrenched with bad luck?” he scowled trying to keep his place but Lum wouldn’t have it.

“I am not bad luck and I don’t like it if someone gets a smart mouth and wonders why they were in the drink in the first place. I lose so many people that way and then they think that I am portraying them when they portrayed me!”Lum stated as she started to turn away from Keve.  He felt like he had just dodged a bullet to where he had just dodged a date with the salty sea again. He looked around quickly as Lum walked up the steps to the wheel but stopped and must has realized that she had overlooked something that to her was very impotent. She stayed where she was on the steps of the wheelhouse but faced him once again with the same eyes that he had met earlier.

“So dose our new hold mate have a name?” Lum asked and Keve’s heart sank. He knew that he was going to hide the creed since he was a part of them and the legacy still lingered on his shoulders even though they might have written him off. His mind raced that he was trying to come up with something quick as he wanted something basic.

“Kevin, Kevin, Sail, Kevin Sail.” Keve stuttered trying to hide everything that he was about to give up and he prefers to give up at the moment since The Creed tried to have his life but yet it let him go.

“Well Kevin Sail, I hope that your stay and survival on my ship will be to your exceptions. But you have to remember we are a band of pirates so nothing is what it seems. Take him to the holds for a moment.” Lum sighed thinking that

“I’ll keep that in mind caption.”  Keve said as he was passed off to another crew member which he saw that wasn’t right but Lum had sowed her stature was better than him at the moment to where he didn’t think of objecting her request.  Then he was led away to the holds.

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