The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


23. ch23

“How could she pin me like that? I thought she loved me?” Keeve started to speak out load while pacing around his cell. He was backstabbed again and he was getting nervous that Kieran had the hold of the rains of The Creed family so she was basically the head pretest. “Every moment was supposed to be special. Where did I go wrong in order for her to let Kieran kill me? Although it wasn’t only Kieran that sold me it was Smidge as well.” Keeve hit his hand on the bunk and then he put all the pieces together.

“Macomb called me leader and that I saved Smidge put me on Lum’s ship but Macomb did everything for a resin because of me…” Keve looked down on his marking and that he saw that his marking was more detailed than the others and it as one of those moments that he only saw the marking in a different light but he just needed something or someone to confirm what he thinks is correct.

“Keeve you are needed now.” A voice boomed behind him and Keeve turned around to see the scarfed person that he saw before.

“Very well if The Creed wants me than I will go to it.” Keeve huffed as he started to go with him. Keeve started to look around but then he was blinded.

“We don’t need you to see my friend.” He heard the scarfed person chimed as Keeve was blinded once again and this time, bounded by the wrists before they started to walk to the altar of death. The walk was slow to where he knew that death was going to have a feast with his soul since he knows that this sacrifice would be a dishonorable kill witch might be to his advantage.

“I rather not but I rather see one last thing to make sure that I can have my wonders subside before I go with death.” Keeve asked and the scarfed person had them stop suddenly.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked and ripped the cloth from his eyes. Keeve felt his head knock forward and back quickly while he knew what to say and it was simple as the truth.

“Look at my marking and compare it to the crest, I am the purest Creed member of them all.” Keeve convinced his holder and he undid his scarf. Then there are two. The scarfed person slowly hissed and Keeve could see the blond hair and charred skin on his face that was evident that he had been through a fire. His marking was still visible even though the scaring was around half of his body. However the charring made his mark even more visible than before since it was on the side of his neck. His blue eyes were more of a silver color than a blue.

“Then you are not alone. I had been trying to find the actual purest person since I have seen Kieran’s mark and it is not a leader mark.” He chimed and Keeve was stunned. There are two leaders of The Creed and Keeve is fine with sharing the load but the religion states that there could only be one.

“Then I think a judgment is in order but I prefer it to be even.” Keeve suggested and the scarf person nodded.  It was personal matter to Keeve that he lives though this battle as it must had started without warning.

“Nope all you get is nothing since the assassins have to be prepared.” The person said and Keeve’s heart sank.  Keeve barely dodged the first swipe of the man’s dagger and Keeve wished that he had that piece that he used when he tried to pry the lock open with.

Keeve swayed as he was reading the movants of the charred person looking everywhere for a weapon like he had been for the longest time. He knew his way around to where he could find the weapon’s room easily. He turned the corner but the charred person was right in front of him but instead of looking at the person himself he looked up to see a little bit of scaffolding to run across.

Keeve ran to the wall and the charred person had no restraints when it came to trying to cut or swing everywhere to get a result. Keeve could tell that this person was not a very good swords person and then he actually helped Keeve out when he saw an opportunity with this Creed.

Keeve noticed that the charred person was swinging his swords as a way that he could get his hands free. Keeve spotted a stature in the chaos that he could use as a shield to block his opponent’s motley movements. He ran up the wall at a slant in order to get the angle he needed. Keeve felt the ropes give way slightly while he had just timed the jump perfectly to where the ropes snapped to let him know that he was free. The charred person gasped in amazement that Keeve still had the skills that he was thought only to realize that Keeve had been a pirate the past few days to keep them sharp.

“No fair pirate!” The charred man yelled and it made Keeve burst into laughter.

“No fair? You should have not even issued the challenge.” He laughed knowing that would blind the charred person with rage. The words worked in Keeve’s favor while he grabbed the small bust and they were facing each other again, letting the bust and sword become fireworks. The hallway was the debts of sound in between the sword and Keeve’s bust help while the two raged on, letting the rest of the members know there was a fight going on but no one came to either one’s aid. The charred man was still at it with Keeve whom was still using the statue as a shield that was wearing down, fast.

Suddenly, the bust broke and Keeve starred at ti for a minute and looked up just in time to see the charred man’s sword come right to him. Keeve moved quickly out of the way and tried to jump onto the table and then onto the rafters. Keeve looked down the vent and felt something like a piece of the statue to throw it down the grates to simulate him running that way.

He smiled since the hoax worked. He slowly went down the vents listening for anything important. Soon he did hear something of use.

“It is a good thing that Kieran is gone but one thing is for sure I hope that Keeve comes back.” He had been the rightful leader to this place.” One of the girls said that made Keeve pay attention.

"Yes but flame instead that we still go through the sacrifice since it was Kieran's request and we both know how evil she can be.” the person next to her suggested.

"I know but I hope the hoax plays out correctly since Keeve doesn't know what is going on since Flame had become mute about thus." the girl wailed and Keeve was surprised that this all was supposed to save him.

Keeve started to slide down to where the two people were until a voice that sounded like the charred man came through the hall.  The unburnt side of his face was covered in sweet from searching for Keeve.

"What’s going on Flame?" the girl asked in worry. Flame stopped in front of them in a rush to get back to looking for Keeve.  

"Keeve escaped from me.” He breathed as he was out of breath.  Keeve laid as low and tried to get to a darker aria so he would not be seen. He could see that he was going to like this but he wanted more info before he gave himself up.

“The only place that he would go is back to his lover and he wouldn’t know what is going on. HE NEEDS TO KNOW. We need to find him before Kieran gets back since she will become furious if we don’t get him back.” The other person panicked and Keeve knew that his family was in trouble more than anything. Keeve knew that they wouldn’t say that since they thought that he wouldn’t help them but then again this is the point of time that backstabbing was the norm.

“You don’t have to look much to find me since you all should know that you need to look around see if there is no one that is in listening distance.” Keeve chimed and the group looked up in aww that he had been there during the entire conversation.

“We were looking for you since that Kieran is trying to get rid of the witnesses she left behind.” Flame explained and Keeve became worried.

“So why do I have to do this other than the fact that I am in haste to get my pen dagger and get back to the Princess’s palace.” Keeve rambled and Flame looked like Keeve didn’t understand a key piece of information.

“We understand that you are in hurry but if you leave than we can’t send word to Kieran that you are gone till you at least attempt to stay along the entire time that Kieran thinks that you are dead. This is what we planned to happen.” The other person explained and Keeve was still not sure if he should trust them. However the hint of revenge kept nagging him to where that and the promise that he mentally made to Lum, now London.

“Then place me in The Creed’s hands I am ready to get this hoax underway but I wish to have my sword nearby.” Keeve said and the group looked at him in wonder.

“Why do you ask this?” Flame was the only one that was able to silently and slowly speak out the words that was written on all three faces. Keeve started to look around carefully that way there isn’t anyone that was listening in on the conversation.

“Because I can escape with a way to defend myself.” Keeve said and Flame smiled widely in either understanding or hiding something much more.

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