The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


2. ch2

Keve can feel the water enclosed him as he plunged into the water.  His hears started to feel the pressure and pop as he slowly went deeper into the abyss  that he can tell that can swallow his life like the small fish scurrying away from him as he surged pass them because of the heavy  chains that surrounded his ankles. He tried getting them off first by pointing his toes and wiggling his legs franticly but in sync trying his best to knock them off and lift that burden so he can get some air into his lungs instead of wasting his small thread of his life struggling to save it.

He stopped thinking this was it and the creed actually won as the last of his air escapes from him.  He tries his hardest not to take a breath because of the salt water that will harm him and make him panic to where his concentration was completely broken.

He slowly felt around the rope that bounded his hands and found out they were loose as he finally landed on the sandy surface with colorful coral that stuck out of the sand and some of the rocks that were around as the fish weaved in and out of the holes in the rocks and in their environment.  He can feel a bit of the seaweed try to tangle him further by threading him around the knees and ankles.

He managed to whip the water around to make the seaweed dodge him as he tried his best to grab the edge of the rope. He felt the rope in his hands as his lungs and eyes start to sting horribly and painfully from being underwater for so long. He grabbed the rope and messed with it while his head became light and spacy and crying for air while his body tensed making it hard for him to move without it clawing at him but Keven knew if he stopped trying he would surly die so he worked through the pain while sand now is starting to become an underwater dust storm. He started working faster and faster stirring the sand into a true storm as he pulled the rope to where he was free.

His eyes started to burn really bad to where he had to close them and feel his way to the chain that bounded his ankles as he saw nothing at all and his mind started to become very light. He started to think that this was it for his and at least he tried as he finally felt something shift to there his ankles felt lighter. Keve realized that right then that he could slip away to the light that he thought was still above him and he started to feel himself float upwards to the surface. Keve started to feel hope return to him as he could feel his body breathe for him and salt water started to enter his lungs. The burn was excoriating as panic had officially settled in and his heart started pumping at a rapid pace making him swim the fastest he ever had swam in till he made it on top of the surface of the seawater.

He gasped as the cool crisp air entered his lungs while he coughed out the rest of the water that was trapped in his body. Dusk had almost fallen over Keven as he opened his eyes to the setting sun that was halfway down the paint brushed sky of red that was just forming into something that he would love to look at. But the waves told him otherwise as they started to sway and turn into ripples and little bitty waves but soon all the little waves started it felt like something like a ship was coming over him. Kevin started to toss and turn above and below the water but it wasn’t so bad to him than being chained and being sent to the darkness under the water.

By the time the waves started to cease he was under the water again. Kevin looked up and saw a wooden ship that had stopped short of where he was wading. “Ahoy!!” Keve called and he heard the words that he wanted to hear. “Man found overboard! Ring the bell and wake Caption Lum!”

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