The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


15. ch15

The two ran and busted though the doors to see someone tying the last knot around the treasure and Lum with one of her swords, that she was apparently holding, at the side of her hammock because she was bound inside. Keeve could also see several deep gashes on Lum that looked like the symbol that he nervously made sure he covered.

“May The Creed take you all.” The mysterious person chimed. Keeve turned around to see someone that had a scarf over half of their face. Keeve knew that the person was one of his family members because of the marking that was showing on the side of the person’s hand that he waved to them with before disappearing.

Keeve immediately went to Lum. “I’m sorry this is my fault.” He sighed and Lum looked determined for something that Keeve was not willing to do yet.

“We are going back for revenge.” Lum growled and Keeve thought otherwise.

“Lum are you sure? You had been branded as well as being drunk, let’s think about it while we are at sea caption.” Keeve said and Lum jumped to her feet and confronted Keeve and Smidge.

“I am sure mate; I had had my share of running. I want revenge of what has happened since…Since I found YOU!” Lum lit up in flames and Keeve immediately knew that he hit a nerve thinking that Lum might had settled to her true self instead of the fun drunk.

“What…what do you mean?” Keeve stumbled while Smidge tried to get in-between them for safety.

“Now Lum, we don’t want any trouble…” Smidge tried to protect Keeve. Lum’s eyes looked like glowing beakers and daggers that wanted blood that Keeve was all too familiar about.

“I want him to walk the plank! He is hiding something and I want to know!” Lum demanded as Keeve started to back away.

“I only had seen The Creed! I am a witness!” Keeve reasoned quickly and nervously thinking that he must not reveal himself.

“That means you are a threat! To Davey…” Lum started to chant but Smidge interrupted her to make sure that Lum sees the big picture that there is more than one person that had seen The Creed or served it.

“Lum, you and I are both witnesses as well. You should know that and please calm down!” Smidge yelled and started to hold her in place. Lum looked confused as this and quickly looked at the cut that was still slowly dripping blood. She started to sit back down on the hammock but it flipped on her sending her to sit on the deck.  She looked like she was in shock of everything while she was on the floor while she could not get her cloudy head around these facts.

Keeve started to leave but Lum commanded him to stay. He didn’t listen while Smidge came out a few minutes later. Smidge looked tired and went up to the wheel well. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks instead of trying to calm Lum down in a few munities. Keeve felt compelled to go up there and at least say thanks for what Smidge did for him.

“Thanks matte for saving me back there.” He said as he went up the steps to see him. Smidge knew that he had to take the rains for now and possibly for a while.

“We all have to watch each other since we all have secrets especially London.”Smidge sighed and Keeve was surprised of this information.

“London? As in the missing princes?” He asked and Smidge looked surprised that Keeve knew this.

“You knew?” Smidge asked and Keeve almost lost his step because he backed up a bit too close to the steps that he did not think he was directly in front of.

“I just figured it out! She had a crown of some sort when I was watching her and she threw it overboard.” Keeve rambled and it didn’t settle well with Smidge and now Keeve was in directly hot water since he had told Smidge he knew about Princes London whom is caption Lum.

“You were spying on her Creed.” Smidge grunted between his teeth. Keeve threw his hands up in the air and ran to the other side of the aria and placed his hands behind him on the railing to where Smidge could see his hands bit still keep him sturdy to where he doesn’t fall overboard.

“I was just waiting for a moment to talk with her privately and I just happened to see her put it on and toss it I didn’t see anything else.” Keeve rambled. Smidge didn’t except it by the way he glared at him and quickly lifted his sleeve to show his marking between Keeve, Smidge and whomever looked over Smidge’s shoulder to see whom was in trouble with the first mate.

“You better hope that you had only seen that since Lum does not want to be known as a lady or a high up. If I hear you pep about anything you better pray that your religion had another body lined up for both of our skins, since that is what I’ve heard. If that is a lie on my part you better know how to save your buttocks if that mouth is one of your weapons, let’s hope your training can save you.” Smidge warned and let him stay there and watch there for a moment while he wondered about the next move. He slowly went back down the steps from the wheel well then he stopped and looked up to Smidge.

“I was waiting to give her a map to help out with all of your problems.” Keeve said and both of them locked eyes for a moment before they went their separate ways as their past was safe with both sides, they hoped. The secretes were like nestles for all three pinning each other to their own past. Smidge, Lum and Keeve were the main ones out of the complete crew that knew that they were the ones that are connected with each other and also the more deadly with each’s past that they hold away into each other’s closets that they have tried to locked away with their own keys as well as tape that reminds themselves (an example would be Keeve’s marking) that it would be devastating to everyone if the third person knew.

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