The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


13. ch13

“Hello Macomb.”  Keeve sighed as he slumped into the corner. Macomb looked like he had seen better days. His eyes were both blackened and face looked like he had been through a fight and then some. The limp in his walk says that he had barely escaped while he started to get his weapon of a gun out but instead of threatening him he tossed it to the side and sat next to Keeve.

“What happed to you?” Keeve asked and Macomb tried to hide the blood that was dripping down his wounds but he knew he couldn’t while Keeve got concerned.

“I got punished for letting the ropes be loose and…” Macomb trailed while it looked like he had given up with this life. Keeve looked down and pulled back his marking to remind himself that he is still with the family. He knew that Macomb was like him now but soon as he tried to look at Macomb’s marking Macomb started to stir.

“Let me.” Keeve whispered and he looked sad and tried to stand to get away but he was too week. Macomb fall back next to Keeve and started to shed a few tears.

“See yourself why The Creed was supposed to take me.” Macomb sighed and rolled up his paint leg to his marking.

The deep gash must had been painful as the lines had obliterated his marking and with him being the way it was it was clear to Keeve that he was more than just a person that had gotten into trouble with the family he was being the example.  Keeve didn’t say a word and knew why he was so nocuous when the ship came to port because he knew that symbol was that Macomb was supposed to be dead.

“Don’t let me go.” He whispered and Keeve thought that he had to do more than just let him die. He started to get his old shirt off of his body and place it over Macomb’s sodden and ruined one. Macomb was in tears but now there was a little grimmer of hope that showed in his eyes that Keeve was not like the other members of The Creed.

“I won’t but I will need to get you help.” Keeve said and stood up to help his comrade. He straddled Macomb across his body to where they could move quickly. They started to hobble way from the proposed section of death that he thought that they could get away from The Creed.  

“Can someone help!!? I need a doctor!” Keeve called but he was only meeting glaring eyes and he knew that was not what Macomb needed. So they quietly looked for the inn and hopefully a person that could help since all that Keeve knows is a regular patchwork like the rest of The Creed members knows how to do.

“Keeve you are a true friend.” Macomb stated and sounding like he had given up. They had gotten by the docks and were about to turn into the main part of town instead of the outskirts of the boating community. He wondered where exactly where he was to the town that The Creed dwells in the most. However, The Creed dwells everywhere; Keeve had learned that he was under a microscope ever since he had got onto the shore. Just by the reminder that he had faced when he had failed to stay strong.

“I will be more of one when I save you.” Keeve grunted as he was still determined to get to the inn but then Macomb slipped and they both fell to the ground. A crowd had gathered around them but they were still silent and unsure Keeve didn’t want them around so he knew one way to get them off of their backs.

“Get them away...The Creed Leader is…” Macomb said and he pointed to the marking that Keeve had forgotten he just walked in a complete circle and wasted time.  Macomb knew that he was dying and by the sound of his voice, so did Keeve while they tried to get each other up but Macomb had become dead weight.

“Don’t think about The Creed Macomb.” Keeve started to calm himself and then stood. “I suggest all of you go, this is the work of that! You know what happens to witnesses and wonderers!” Keeve called to the audience and all the faces fell knowing what The Creed dose to witnesses. Almost as immediately the crowed came they went leaving the two members alone.

Keeve stood until every person left then he went back to his friend whom had already passed, looking at the symbol. Keeve couldn’t believe that The Creed took another person that he knows. He could feel hot tears stream his cheeks but he quickly wiped them.

“You can’t control The Creed Keeve and you can’t run from it either.” Kieran sneered and Keeve was not happy that she was here at the worst moment of his life.

“What do you want Kieran?” Keeve snarled and wished he had a weapon but he didn’t.

“Oh you are a witness to The Creed in both ways. You are lucky that someone was willing to take your place and with your suggestion, although stabs and cuts have a lot longer effect of pain, suffering and worry instead of a quick and moral firing squad.” Kieran laughed and Keeve was ready to join his friend but he knows that he was stuck in between two worlds as he strode back a few steps to gain distance between them. “What is wrong Keeve Scared of everything you have or is around you or are you afraid that that girl is going to save your life once again like Macomb had before?”

“Lum, you are going after LUM! I am not scared of her; I love her and will do anything for her including hiding myself from her.” Keeve yelled and started to gain more ground to run away from her successfully.

“Go to her Creed, find her before the darkness of the rest fallows but before you go to her you are going to have to cut your mark.” She said and started to close the gap that Keeve had made which made him worry. He started to think that he was going to lose worry everything that has happened to him, although it was not much. Keeve started to turn around and run to Lum to warn her that The Creed was around and that the crew would have to leave as soon as possible.  

Keeve stood in place, thinking that she was playing mind games with him.  Kieran slowly slipped her sword out of her sheaf. The hiss was like an animal's but he knew that there was no such thing as warning with her. She started to get closer with every single step to see if Keeve would fight with her. Keeve felt trapped in the fact that he had no idea where a weapon would be. He started to panic since Kieran was not going to back out of this now and nether should he since this had gone way too far.

“You want a fight Kieran?  Come and find this person that you want so much.” He sassed and started to run, followed closely by Kieran. They weaved in and out of the crowds while Keeve was always on the lookout for a way to either to hide or to use to fight her off. Soon he heard something that was a bit off for a member of The Creed, a gunshot. One that was meant to scare him when it landed into the dirt behind him since could feel a scuffle of dirt that hit his boot to where he could feel it.

He started to scurry everywhere to try to get away from Kieran but all that was accomplished was seeing her in his vision every time he looked back. Then he saw a light at the end of the tunnel in a way of a haystack. He thought that he would have to work or if not the stake that was nearby would work as a makeshift weapon while he has something since he had to give the sword back to the Caption as soon as he got back on board after the battle.  That would be his major flaw if it happens to end in the manor that he feels as he quickly dove into the bale of hay. Keeve quickly dug into the very back of the pile.

Keeve didn’t move or breathed while he can hear Kieran struggle to find him on the other side and circling the pile on the prowl of blood. “The Creed has to be on my side since it let me live thus far.” He thought to himself while he started to hear the scuffle of hay that would surly reveal him soon.

Kieran sounded close to finding Keeve in that haystack while he was reminding himself that The Creed was still on his side and that Macomb had taken his place. He started to slowly ease his way out of the stack. He was small enough that the stack was covering his body and since Kieran was face deep in the hay to be able to hear him sneak away to an alleyway. He knew that he would have to find Lum soon since now Kieran is here in the ports and possibly in the next town where The Creed thrives in.

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