The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


12. ch12

“LAND HO!” The call came from the crow’s-nest. Keeve’s reaction was to look up instead of looking forward at the port. The man that was on top of the mask quickly used the netting as a slide and moved his way slowly down. Lum had the face of release while Keeve knew that he better go to the front of the boat to see the many ships line the ports.

The long masks waved only slightly in the wind because most were tied to where the wind would not have a hold. The slash of one anchor after the other told Keeve that this place was busy. Sounds of the mini cannon fire made Keeve jump as this place made him feel that adventure was possible here to where he could walk around without worry that he was with The Creed. He could hear the chimes of voices even though they were at least a little ways away from the shore.  Keeve started to get to work when Smidge locked eyes with him. He started to let go but then he quickly realized what he was doing and yanked on the rope to make the mask tight.

The fact that Smidge knows whom he truly is makes him uneasy. “Should I leave them now?” He asked himself as he started to his work.  The parts that he was worried about were starting to eat him whole. He knew that he was being an asset than a liability to this crew and this would be a wonderful time to slip away but when the ship got closer and closer to the docks he realized that he knew this place. Keeve was hoping that he was going to be on the other side of the world, where no one could see him to where he only had to cover his marking. Then he can live alone and possibly with the woman that he would love to travel with since he knows that it would be the only way. However, he would have to tell her sometime. He would not like that day but would have to be only him and her in order to say what he needs to say to her.

He felt the ship rock to where he never had gotten sea sick before. However it felt like he had rocked in a storm with several feet of waves. His belly became knots to where he slowly went to the front of the boat or somewhere that he could spew his contents into the sea. What he didn’t realize was that he was heading to the spot where the boat had a gap where he almost easily fell overboard. Keeve caught himself before he fell over and Lum could not help but notice.

“You think he is still worth something?” Smidge said as he came up behind her which made her jump.

“Keeven is a peculiar lad; I would have to admit that. However he is not worthless. Nobody is, unless of course the troublesome few. Till I see another one of those, then they are worthless. You have to remember Smidge, we are all misfits in this group and I have to keep tight fist because sometimes misfits wants to become something at the helm.”  Lum tolled and Smidge looked at her in question. She slowly lost the last of the breath that she had in her lungs to clear her mind and then started again. “My crew is a motley of people. Keeven is part of that because of how we came about him in the seas yesterday. Even though there are some things that make him strange that does not, by all means, make him worthless.”

“So you think even though he is not a land lover, or has his sea legs, makes him a candidate still? I say we abandon him here.” Smidge suggested. L um quickly looked at him in disgust.

“We are not leaving him.” Lum growled. Smidge gave her a smirk that spread from ear to ear. He left her as the plank that connects the boat to the docks hit itself to troubling blows while Smidge and Keeve thought that it sounded like a low bring gong that sounded a sound of them being found as just on the other side of the port that they decided to unload from a Creed marking was painted brightly saying that they had struck.

Keeve could not hold the vomit any longer, he immediately knelt right there at the plank sine he was going to be one of the first ones off of the ship. He felt the heat rise up from the pit of his stomach and though his throat as now he can smell it as the plop of the upchuck finally hit the sea.

“CREED!”  The word rang in his ears with every chuck and plop that came with the sickness. He never felt more ashamed and scared of whom he was in his life. He stared at his reflection. His pale skin did not match a description of a pirate but a description of more of The Creed.  He started to feel ashamed while he wanted to jump into the now puke invested water and swim, swim away to somewhere but as he looked up and back to the ship he saw Lum stare at him while the rest of his mates were either in front or behind him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave him?” Smidge asked. Lum was stoned face to where it was obvious that Keeve made her nervous as she strongly walked down the plank.

“Are you ok Keeven?” She asked as she went down to him before she would move on to get some supplies, or better, a drink.

“I think so I just don’t want to see another Creed…” He tried to say but once he tried to say The Creed another round of upchucks was swimming up his gullet. He knew that he would have to swallow his fear in order to move on with what he needs to do.

“I think you ought to stay with the ship.” Lum suggested and placed a calm hand on his back. Keeve could feel himself shiver a bit and it wasn’t because of the small wind that was blowing.  He started to stand and wipe the leftover acid from his mouth with the edge of his sleeve.

“I said, I’ll be fine.” He growled and walked off. Lum went after him in a rush. He could hear her boots on the deck behind him as she caught up.

“Keeven, I am not judging you. I understand that you are scared of The Creed.” Lum yelled as she was chasing Keeve around the town until he finally lost her in one of the turns.

“There is a resin why I can’t seem to hold my contents.” Keeve said as he looked around to realize that he was finally alone in one of the allies. The crumbling stone was around him and he was thinking this would be a wonderful place to disappear. However, he thought it over again to where fear took over him once more. The walls might be a little tricky but an assassin with The Creed could run on top to cross them easily.  Keeve started to slowly walk around while looking everywhere for one of his family members.

He did not want to find them so that he wouldn’t have to return to The Creed. He liked the life of the pirate so far, but mostly he thinks he is starting to fall in love with the caption. He was scared about that part of The Creed, which the people had to keep The Creed pure since that, is what they thought should happen to the people that have the special marking. Bread to be the top of death’s working list. He knew he could not let Lum have this life, scared of death and working for him.  

He started to look around again and found a spot that he can have a moment to himself and without much distraction or fear. Although, he had already been doing so but this time he wanted to be completely sure that he was alone.

Keeve slipped into an, what he think is, an abandon building. The crumbling walls were a reminder of whom he was right now. Being stuck in two worlds made the walls old and crumbling around itself as it was trying to decide which way to conform. It was hard to Keeve since he had only known the world of The Creed and was regretting the fact that he left a witness and although he was glad that he had met Lum but he needs to leave before all this was going to catch up with him.

“Keeve is that you?” He can hear an exciting voice by the window and he felt like he was found, the way he did not want to be. He was hoping it was one of the crew mates or Lum but he knew he was kidding himself that it was the caption since he knew whom it was.

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