The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


22. ch 22

“I am glad that you saw things my way” Kieran said as Lum was about to go up to the surface.

“I will send word that I am safe and returning home Kieran, You can have a partial reword for putting some sense into me. Smidge, make sure a carriage is willing to take me home.” She ordered.

“Yes mam, we are not far from home.” Smidge said and walked off into the town.

“Princess Lum.” Kieran started than Lum interrupted her.

“Please call me London.” She clarified.

“Princess London, you already are home. It is just a little bit away like Smidge said.” Kieran said as the light came shining through the door quickly as they opened it. London quickly looked away to see that they were underground her ruling land all along. She was more of the mayor’s daughter to where he started to call her princess to where she thought she was one.

“I can’t believe that I had been home and just a town away earlier and to think that this is going to be a start of something new for me.” She said and she could see in her mind’s eye the old church that was recently expanded and her home that was a little bit away.

“I made sure that travel would be light if you decided that you wanted to work with me.” Kieran said and London knew that she was still on the outskirts. They started to walk around a bit and soon they managed to find Smidge with a carriage.

“What is this Smidge? You think that I should go back in rags?” London sassed and Smidge jumped from the driver’s mount.

“It will show where you had been my lady, someone that had been through a lot and forced into a life of pirates. Is that leg still broken miss? I suggest you don’t walk on it.” Smidge chimed and held his hand to help her up the steps and into the carriage.

“It is and I suggest we see the seamstress Smidge. But I do wonder about Keeve. I think I should summon him for sentencing personally since it will be my first task as Lady.” Lum said and Kieran had to look away to hide the fact that she was not willing to let her opportunity go.

“What if I dispose of him for you? It would be less messy and we don’t want to get rushed.” Kieran rambled to save the extermination of Keeve.

“No need to do that but I do thank you for your offer mate. However I think I can handle this myself.” London chimed while Kieran hoped that the rest of the members of The Creed could deal with Keeve before the message gets to them that Lum was calling off his sacrifice.

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