The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


21. ch 21

Keeve felt his blindfold come off of him and he could see Lum in his face and that she had been crying. Her facial expression was like she was lost though she had been though a spiral since the beginning.

“Are you ok?” Keeve asked happily since he is seeing his love unhurt physically.

“I don’t know Kevin. What did she mean by calling you Keeve?” Lum huffed and Keeve felt ashamed. He should say something like before and this time it was too much. He started to back away but Lum seemed to fallow him. “Kevin?” She questioned.

“I am Keeve!” He yelled and she moved back in shock.

“What?” She gasped with the flaming green eyes again.

“My name isn’t Kevin, its Keeve. I am a Creed member and my marking that I showed you is my birthright.” Keeve sighed and Lum pushed him to the ground.

“I trusted you!” She screamed and it hurt Keeve’s ears.

“I am still the person that had done good.” He tried to reason but Lum wouldn’t listen.

“You should be incapable to feel anything but hate, the need to kill. That is why you should be feared but I trusted you!” Lum started to push away from him,

“I had found something that I love, remember the three stars? That was not Kevin that was talking, that was me-that was The Creed born Keeve.” Keeve tried to explain and Lum was starting to turn back.

“But what about the thrill of killing something, I should be afraid for me life.” Lum sighed.  She started to walk to Keeve and he got to her and she didn’t move.

“But you are not, you are surprised and angry. I understand that caption. I had been in scrutiny and the part that I was about to drown was the truth.” Keeve explained. “I was shown another world and I don’t want The Creed.”

“But you will have to go back.” Lum chimed and he got close to her.

“I can disappear.” He whispered and Lum perked up a bit.

“But how are we supposed to save Smidge?” Lum asked.

“I was the one that saved Smidge once I can do it again, princess London.” Keeve stated. Lum was surprised that she hearing the right words that he just called her by her real name and that he had saved Smidge.

“You are and anti-Creed and…HOW DO YOU KNOW I WAS…” She slowly caught on with his words and he quickly placed a hand over her mouth when she started to yell.  He let her finish the sentence and let her go.

“Smidge explained it to me, I already knew. I saw the crown that you threw into the sea.” Keeve said Lum was surprised that he knew.

“You saw me?” She whispered in wonder and Keeve held her hands and helped her stand.

“It was when I knew that you were the one to have forever in my arms.” Keeve said and Lum had the look of puzzlement.

“I guess I could trust you again, mate.” Lum said and Keeve moved her hair back. He was glad that she was calling him her crewmate again.

“I will share the riches, and possibly the stature.” Keeve suggested since he had remembered what his friend said before he went as a sacrifice to The Creed for him. The cold cell was starting to get colder. The wind was starting to howl while Keeve was starting to work the way of words again. “There are ways that The Creed has done since one had sacrificed themselves for another, like what one of my family members did for me.” Keeve said and Lum turned away acting like he had hurt her mentally with a picture of Smidge dying in the hands of The Creed. “I don’t mean that he is going to die maybe it is one of your undesired crewmates that had went in the raid.”

“I hope so for your sake since you had lied to me and now you think that I can work with you like I had Creed.” Lum was back while she was smiling while she spoke. Her eyes were full of hope now since he had mentioned that Smidge might still be alive.

“I am glad that you still trust me.” Keeve chimed and she pressed a kiss on his cheek and fell back onto the ground. Keeve couldn’t help but chuckle while Lum did the same.

“Mighty fine way to walk like a princess” Lum chimed and Keeve knew that the old caption was back. He went to the door and studied the lock. A classic lock that his captives of The Creed should had known that the training would help him.

“Princess London, can you hand me a piece of metal?” Keeve asked and he felt something in his hand. Lum wrapped her arms around him after Keeve had the mettle in his hands.

“Aye, aye Keeve Creed.” Lum said and gave him a quick hug. Keeve got to work and scraped the lock slowly since he had only one chance at this. His sweat was starting to cover him since he had to considerate that much on the lock. His heart pounded into his chest while he knew that he had only an unknown amount of time in order to unlock the door.

The piece broke and his heart fell while Lum’s did the same thing. However, it didn’t take long before they heard footsteps that came to the hold. Keeve quickly cleaned out the lock and ran back to Lum to hold her tight. 

Keeve’s heart pounded as he was looking at Lum that was trying to stay strong for the both of them. The door opened to show that there was Smidge and Kieran in the doorway.

“Here you go lovebirds; The Creed will love this sacrifice since there are three of you. Feelings will get in the way. I am always happy that people are willing to choose themselves for me or better yet, come back to see one or more bodies. Remember you all lied to each other and please, keep the Princess as nice as she is… I don’t want her home be upset that I had treated her this way.” Kieran sneered before she closed the door.

"Smidge!” Lum called as she came to Smidge's aid. His face looked like it was in a fight with The Creed like Macomb did but Smidge still was living.   Keeve let the two have their space for he knows that Lum had been concerned about him since they had been separated

"London, I thought I would never see you here.” He sighed and wrapped her in a hard brace. Keeve felt heat burn into him while Smidge made eye contact with him. The eyes were of those of hatred.  

"We got captured.” Keeve stated.

"The Creed is here and this all happened because of you Kevin, or should I say Keeve the assassin?  he threatened and shoved Keeve into the wall.

"I know that Smidge!” Lum sighed and fright was lit as the color was drained from his face. She came right up to him and then pushed the two apart. “And I also know about both of your pasts so you do not need to explain that.”

“Well he is an assassin!” Smidge tried to resin but Lum was ready to defend Keeve.

“He is the one that is going to save our lives. Creed or not.” Lum shouted and started to push Smidge to the side even farther than Keeve as the dark side of Lum was coming back and that was what made Keeve like her in the first place. 

“How do you know?” Smidge yelled.

“Why don’t you trust me even though I saved your life?” Keeve questioned and Smidge pushed Lum to the side.

“Because you killed the princess’s parents.” Smidge blamed and Keeve stepped back in shame while Lum looked like she was about to cry.

“My parents are gone?” Lum questioned, “When did they die?”  She was now in tears and jumped to her feet and started to question everyone and giving Keve the cold eyes that he met with.

“When I was captured…They were murdered as a sacrifice to The Creed.” Smidge explained and Lum was completely blinded by rage. She was willing to take a life and that life was going to be Keeve.

“You are going to regret this Creed as soon as we get back.” Lum said and then went to the door and called out that she was royalty with the will to pay for reliance which was exactly what Kieran wanted. One of the Creed members opened the door to let her out and Lum tossed her hat to the ground before she went out of sight with Smidge behind her.

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