The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


18. ch 18

He knew he was in trouble while he could feel the salt swim into his wound. The wound started to sting that was starting to leak out of his side he was lucky to be alive although he was planning to jump into the sea anyway, just now with a stab that was just a little deep for his liking but it was one way to be able to get into the water.

“New guy, it isn’t enough to paralyze me. It is only enough to slow me down only a second, and that is because of the sting.” Keeve thought as he started to swim to the surface.

However, just before he got a chance to breathe at the surface he felt a disturbance in the water to where it felt like danger was coming to him and it was. A shark was coming after him and it was not going to go without a free meal. Keeve quickly came to the surface and then went right back down to see that the shark had gotten closer in a hurry. Keeve’s heart sank to where he wondered if the shark, which was about twenty seconds away and closing, was going to swallow him whole or that he was going to escape. Keeve started to swim to the ship to climb up.

He could feel the pull of the water propel him forward by a little bit at a time but it wasn’t enough to him while he wanted to go faster and outrun the shark to where he was, at least, on the ship itself instead of on deck.  

Soon he got to the deck while he started to feel the swish of the jaws opening to cut him in half to where The Creed would not be picky if he was going to be a sacrifice for someone else. He can think of the blood that he would spill in a second as the pain would be unbearable. Keeve could see the wood that would be his savior while he reached for it.

“I hope The Creed does not want me.” Keeve thought while he was grasping the wood. He could hear something in the realm of the water parting for a fish to jump out of the water and that was what the shark did. It jumped out while Keeve scurried up the side of the ship to where he had dodged the bite. He could see the white teeth and red gums as well as smelling the fish before it slammed back into the sea. The waves came up and kissed Keeve to where he was even more soaked than what he was before.

 He knew he was very lucky to be alive and yet he still had to be thought that he is still dead for now. Keeve started to climb around the ship to get to where he could get to Lum and see that he had survived. He started to chuckle a little when he got out of harm’s way on both fronts. “I can’t believe that I am still here, I guess The Creed likes me, a lot.” Keeve thought while he started to climb around where Lum was so he could help her out.

Every splinter and pull helped him get to the railing which he peered over and saw that most of the crew was either defeated or captured by the enemy squad. Keeve was surprised that an enemy ship had captured the crew Lum was in between two of the other members as Keeve could spot a marking that was easily one the one that was her left.

“My own family members?” Keeve thought but then he reminded himself that he was an outcast for now so he shouldn’t have any feelings for them but it seemed a little off for him since he was part of the circle of The Creed which he knew is corrupted.

He started to go behind the members so he knew what was going on but that was no need since he could hear everything nice and clear where he was at. He glanced behind him quickly to spy the ship so he could get an idea of whom he was facing. The red wood was a high quality while its many cannon holes was a few more than Lum’s but there was a good squad on that ship, possibly there still is one.

“Poor caption  Lum, having everything you ever want to and worked for striped from your tides.” The man said and it sounded like Lum spat in front or even on the person that was giving her a chance to speak. Keeve was happy that she is keeping her strong stature against her opponents. “Disgraceful Lass!”

Keeve couldn’t help but let out a snicker. He looked back up to see a pair of eyes stare right at him and unfortunately it was not Smidge or one of the members of Lum’s Crew. As it was Keeve’s luck that must had ran out so he scurried up and onto the deck.

“So much for the sneak attack mates!” Keeve chimed while he sent one of the enemies that were holding Lum into the sea bellow. Lum looked shocked that Keeve had wakened from the deaths of Davey’s locker or that stab would have killed him although both were just enough to put his body in temporary shock. Every one that was thrown at him was just a test that his training that he was put in from birth. He was happy that the kills were going to be part of this round of fight which Keeve was going to be part of.

He immediately went back to back with Lum while they both let their swords to the talking. Keeve was surprised that the sword was still on the deck where he dropped it where he fell, just a few steps from the spot that he was planning.

“So I can see that you found something that you like?” Lum chimed as she was sounding that she was overjoyed to see him or at least feel his back against her.  Keeve kept spinning around with Lum while the chimes of swords were back in the list of songs that were playing at the moment.

“I guessing that is a hello, I am glad that I am back from the underworld.” Keeve chimed and killed the person right in front of him. “But to answer your question, yes I have.”

“Good.” Lum said as she slashed her enemy in the throat. She looked around and saw that Keeve had a gem of her collection. “I can see you like the secret weapon. Traded it from The Creed themselves when they fell on hard times but I guess that is the least of the worries that we have since I am looking as something that is way more chilling than you having that dagger, thingy.” Lum said as she glanced around and Keeve followed suit.

The emptiness of the ship was one thing that Lum was lucky to still have but Keeve could see why she was so afraid since her crew was missing. Everyone from the ones that were above deck to a few down below. A caption without her crew looked off.

“Everyone’s gone.” Keeve huffed while they both looked around while he could see the other enemy sailed off leaving them practically marooned.

“Not quite. We can see who is in the holds or hiding but other than that, we still have a crew of two.” Lum said and looked back at Keeve. They started to search for survivors but alas they were the only ones alive as the ship that attacked them sailed away. Keeve could see the marking on the back of the ship while it went back into the fog.

“Smidge!” Lum yelled as she ran to the railing to where she could see the ship and Keeve’s heart fell a bit knowing that he was going to have to get back with the family. Hopefully, they would be willing to trade Keeve for Smidge but he would be kidding himself that he would think this way.

“It’s ok Caption at least we have each other it can’t get any worse.” Keeve tried to resin with Lum but her mind was already racing of ways that Smidge could be already dead, from the losing in the match to being killed by The Creed in the most grueling way as possible.

“I had been with him for years! He is the one that got me started into what I am and….” Lum rambled and then burst into tears. Keeve was stunned that one of the strongest members of her crew brake down and become so overwhelmed. She started to turn away from him and he didn’t think he should talk anymore while the rain was starting to fall on top of them.

“It could be worse caption.” Keeve chimed while he started to touch her but a round of thunder turned the sadness into concern.

It started slowly at first and then the rain picked up into the storm. Lum quickly ran up the steps, tripping on every other step as Keeve wished that he could tend to is injury but that was going to have to wait a bit.

He tried to get the sails at full so the wind could possibly push them away. Lum looked mad that this had gotten worse than just a friend being kidnaped. The tide was tossing and turning as rogue waves crashed them about. Keeve could hear Lum’s every command but it was enough that he was confused. He got the rope for the last sail unhooked but when he tried to move the slick edge made his foot slide into a knot that was holding the mask to where it would had been easy to pull it back to the holsters.

He found himself upside-down, in a storm, and starting to have a cloudy head.  He wanted to fall asleep all of a sudden thinking became complicated where all he started to do was stare at Lum whom looked enjoyed while she left her where.

“If you want it done right you have to do it yourself.” She yelped while she started to climb up and Keeve could see one thing that was going to kill the both of them and that was a wave that was not ready to crash onto the ship but was ready to turn it over. Keeve snapped awake and flipped himself to where he was able to untie the rope that held him in place.

“London, a wave! It might take us overboard! Get down!” Keeve yelled as a flash of lighting showed Lum that Keeve was not playing around. She still climbed up as quickly as she could but barely made it to the top while he could feel the ship turn to its side. He was seeing the bottom of the ship while he was sitting strait up and the next thing he knows he is feeling the cold blow over him as he knew he must had blacked out or everything happened so fast that he couldn’t comprehend it.

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