The Creed: Alwayes there

Keve always had truble in the world of the creed becouse that was his family but now he was fanily left to drown but he maniges to servive and gets on a pirateship ran by captin that had shown her kindness but how much longer can he keep the creed a secrate before both find out about each other?


11. ch 11

“Alright, Up Me mattes! We are doing something that we haven’t done in a while, all hands on deck!” Keeve can hear Lum call above deck he smiled thinking that he must had convinced her to take the advice and fallow the map that he had given her. He couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he went up onto the main platform and there she was, at the helm of her ship.

Her eyes were sparkling like Keeve never saw before.  They were like little green stars instead of the emeralds that he had seen.  He felt like they were lit just for him alone but she was showing them to the crew.

“What is all the noise Lum?” Smidge yelped as he got out of his quarters that were below deck but a different section of the ship.

“I found a treasure map at the bottom of our treasure. Come now! We must set sail now if we are going to get into port and then find this.” Lum yelled and everyone looked happy for that notion. Smidge, all of a sudden, was pale as if she said the wrong words to him.

Smidge ran up the steps to confront her and Keeve was not amused of his reaction. He could see the anger on Smidge’s face while Keeve started to push his way to the front so he could hear what was going on but the crewmates were also doing the same. Keeve soon was secsessful in his mission since he could hear what was going on between the two.

“You know what happened last time that we went into port and hand me that map!” Smidge demanded and Lum swiped the map closer to her body than she ever had before.

“It is not going to happen again. I was just going to be getting supplies while everyone else if going to do what they whim.” She chimed as she started to walk to the wheal.

“We will see… Now may I please see the map that way I can get a feel for what is going on?” he questioned and Lum shook her head which made Smidge even more fuming.  “Well then maybe if I just do this.” He said and he went to reach for the map but instead of going where the map was he went where she was going to place it, where she thought was going to be out of his reach. Smidge snatched the map from her hands. He went to the side to read it and she scowled thinking that Smidge actually managed to swipe the map so easily.

“There is a reason why I did not want you to read that map!” Lum shouted as she started to dance around Smidge that was reading her every move without even looking at her, making Lum look like a little child with a want for something that she shouldn’t have.

“It is a Creed treasure map! Lum, you can’t be serious! We are not doing this death mission!” Smidge exclaimed then Lum managed to leap up and snatch the map from his hands.

“What other choice to we have? That one chest was not going to last long.” She growled and had the look of that she was going to have it her way or that she was willing to use force again.

“Fine caption! IF you WANT to give your crew to The Creed, be my guest. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you when you brig yourself and your crew to Davey Jon’s Locker.” He warned and then marched down the steps in a huff. Everyone’s eyes were on Smidge when he made his way down the steps. Once he got down the steps the crew immediately went back to Lum for an exclamation of her actions.

“We are still going on an adventure! I had met someone that was on the inside that would help us! Please trust me!” She called and then she started to bark out orders again. “So what are we waiting for? Raise the anchor! Masks at full sail! We are going into port and celebrate our new turn of positive events!” 

“Aye, aye caption!”  The crewmates called out and did her commands. She felt amazing that this might work as she went down the steps and stepped forth toward Keeve whom looked like he was going to regret everything that he had done.

“I think a thank you is in order.” She chimed when she stood right in front of Keeve. He was silent other than a soft squeak that didn’t turn into words. He could feel his entire face blush and only then he could find words since he was very embarrassed that he was silent.

“Ney, not when it was the caption that had took your advice. But that is where I am flattered my friend, so I say that you can do whatever you want as long as we are together I don’t think that The Creed will get us.” Keeve rambled and Lum raised an eyebrow in wonder of what he was trying to say until it must have clicked in her head.

“That is a long way to grasp suspicion and say you’re welcome.” Lum chimed and that made Keeve even more nervous than before.

“Well I don’t know about you captain.” He tried to cover himself with his words but he just managed to make things worse as Lum looked like he was back to the beginning.

“What do you mean you don’t know about me? Lum snapped and Keeve was back scrambling with words but Lum seemed to shove them into his mouth for him. “Wait, you don’t trust me do you? You think that you can get revenge because of me? I think that you had mistaken Keeven!” She stared to stare at him dead in the eyes.

“Oh, nay mate. As soon as we get in port I will send word with my inside.” Keeve said and he started to walk away slowly that way he could easily escape into something the rest of the crew was doing.

“I hope you are right because we already had someone in their brig before and I do not want that again. Especially when I know I might have a stowaway with the same marking.” Lum whispered right in Keeve’s ear which sent chills down his spine.

“Oh don’s worry, I got it under control.” Keeve huffed and started to look like he was glaring around for a job when he was debating to go off deck to where he could swim back to shore or strait to death.

“Thank you.” Lum chimed as she finally left him alone. Keeve sat down right there on the deck happy that the close call was over.

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