"The Thursday´s Girl"

Maybe was just that I was tired, but I can´t really explain how beautiful she is and at the moment I saw her enter I forgot what was I even doing! I hope I get to see her again some time .
I´ll be waiting, waiting here at the same exact spot where I first saw her.

Hope is the last thing that dies and she have become my only hope.


3. Tuesday 27, August 2013



.-m exausted! Still have to work 2 hours more, my feet hurt, need some sleep. 

The coffee shop is filled up with costumers. We have a song in the backgroud which I think is The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVGXcjM9SOQ). I find it quite amusing and relaxing, I like it.

--An orange mango smoothie and a greek yogurt with berries -- One costumer said. I dont know why but I couldn´t react, I mean I didnt even moved o anything. Until a partner put his hand on my shoulder in a signal to react to the client´s order. So I did.  

Take one whole banana, blend it with natural orange mango juice, add  milk and whey protein and fiber powder, then blend it with ice. Yeah that´s they way we make an orange mango smoothie.

-- Jane!-- I call the costumer´s name. I´m so tired I dont even smile to the clients any more.

For a moment I remember the girl from last thursday. Now that I think it she gave me her name when I took her order, but argh!  can´t remember the name, maybe louise or sophie. Have no clue.

Ouch!! I burned my hand making the expresso. I need to be more concentrated in what I do or else I´ll be a disaster. Eddie took my turn so that I could rest and putt on some cream in my just burned hand. Sitting in a box of milk I keep thinking about that beautiful brunette that have been attacking my mind taking me to cloud number 74, well not that far yet she does disconects me from the world. I´m being too into this girl who I dont even know her name and have seen her just once; this never happens to me. I really need some sleep ´cause my mind is going insane just like those monkeys with rosie bums and scream so loud and make weird noises, climb trees and fly so high... Wait! what am I thinking, monkeys have no wings and no ability to fly. Or is it to much work or the caffeeine that contains the coffee I´m drinking with a strange taste have made me start to think no sense stuff. 
Time to close! Finally I´m going to rest.

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