"The Thursday´s Girl"

Maybe was just that I was tired, but I can´t really explain how beautiful she is and at the moment I saw her enter I forgot what was I even doing! I hope I get to see her again some time .
I´ll be waiting, waiting here at the same exact spot where I first saw her.

Hope is the last thing that dies and she have become my only hope.


2. Thursday 22, August 2013



      .- Wow!  thursday has arrived so fast! I´m glad, Friday is tomorrow and we have weekend!

I´m behind the bar, atending the costumers taking their order or preparing their drinks. The day have just beging I think it´s like 11:00 am or so.

Some costumers have just arrived guess they are 2 girls and they are in the line. I get the chance to take their order. A blonde and a brunette, I could say that one is older than the other. Both good looking.

 -A white chocolate mocha and a caramel macchiato please- the brunette one said, and I take their order without really putting atention to their fisical appereance. I keep working on my things. have no idea where does the blonde and the brunette could be. 

there´s other costumer, asking for the special client card, I have to get some papers for her to fill up and that stuff so I get them. When I came out the costumer was sitting in one of the chairs leafing through a magazine. Not to be rude I left the bar to deliver the papers. I gave them to her. I Simply turned aside and before me I have the brunette that I said a moment ago the one that I took the order along with a blonde.

Took a moment to see more to detail and I realized she is really beautiful . Clear and straight brown hair , not a perfect straight but looked quite good . Why I did not realized how beautiful she is ? I guess because I was stuck at work more than anything else .

 She has rosie cheeks . Seems pretty cute. She also has thick eyebrows , well not so thick but not thin and with the color of her hair, light brown . Her eyelashes are long and curled up . I can not see her eyes as she is looking down but I can appreciate her straight nose and a slightly plump  termination  but proporcionated to her.

Her face has the form of an inverted triangle . Almost perfect skin tone, white gold . Delicate hands and not wearing any nail polish , all natural like her face, I mean not wearing any makeup. All this happened as slow as fast. Without realizing it, she turned to me with her ​​beautiful eyes , I could see that she´s green eyed. A simple green . A combination of olive green with brown and very slightly yellow.

 She has a beautiful look , simple, friendly , flirty , innocent yet challenging and all I could do was smile lightly without showing teeth but friendly as she did the same.

What lowered me from cloud nine was that the client that I gave the papers about the card began to ask me questions which I gladly answered . But my mind kept telling me not to turn around again to that girl who have lost me in her splendor. I could not hold my eyes and  directed my sight to her even though I was already inside the bar doing things . She was standing talking to the blonde she came with. For a moment she turned to look but now her look was a little more flirty but serious . I couldn´t do more but to keep working and make me the serious as if she was just another client.
I saw her leave the place and through the windows I could see how her car slipped away of me until I lost sight of it. That´s all , no more . What will happen next? Will she return ? Argh ! what are these thoughts! She's just a customer, there are many customers and I may never see her again . Nor I care .




I can´t stop thinking about her,  why is she still in my head? I just took her order. I think it got  into my head, better forget it.

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