Don't Let Me Go

Athena moves to London with her mother and brother hoping to start a new life after the death of her father. When she gets a new job, she meets someone she never thought she would meet.


1. The Morning

"Athena, seriously get your ass out of bed. Its 7.30 and you always take 2 years in the shower!" My brother yells from downstairs. I shove my head in my pillow and scream. Jesse splashes water all over my back. It was cold as ice. 

"What the fuck Jesse! Thats fucking cold!". I was now soaking wet. Well that was my shower. 

Jokes. "I have to actually take a shower," I thought to myself. I curse at Jesse to get out of my room. I hop into the shower and turn the hot water up. 

Damn. I have my first day of work. Modelling. 

Why did I let mum convince me to fly all the way to London, just to Model. I guess it was also to forget my dads death. Stop. Im thinking too much. Damn it. I shake my head and finish off what I had to do in the shower. 


"Seriously Athena I have school, get out now!" Jesse screams from downstairs. Fuck, was in the middle of singing.  I get out of the shower and walk to my walk in robe. 

What the fuck do I even wear. Fancy? Casual? Faggy? I dont even know. I grab a pair of skinny jeans, a white top and my black blazer. Half fancy, half casual I guess. Im never comfortable in any other pair of pants then my jeans. I put my brunette hair into a messy bun and put mascara and lip balm on. 

There we go. Dont wanna dump make-up on my face. I walk downstairs to see mum making breakfast. I had no time to eat so I grab a glass of milk. I quickly go brush my teeth upstairs and get my white pumps on. 

Now I was freaking out.

What if she doesnt like the way I look? 

No it should be okay. Shes the one that accepted me anyway. I check the time. 8.30. Shit. 

I run downstairs and put my iPhone in my clutch. 

"Bye hun. Please have a good time and be nice!" Mum says and gives me a cuddle. I nod.

"Bye Jesse, be good at school!" I yell at Jesse. "Kay, bye!" He replies from upstairs. 

I smile and head out to my car.  Yes, mum bought be a car. Nothing fancy, just an aristo. I hop in my car and drive to the centre. The whole car ride I was thinking about who was going to be there. If anyone even would like me there. 

The buildings in london were beautiful. I cant believe I live here now. 

What an easy morning. 

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