Love actully

My aunt set me up on a date with Anne's son when I was 15! I hated him after that date


1. London

Nancy's pov.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0!BELL RINGS

"YES SCHOOLS OUT!" I say is out for good I'm finally gonna graduate from 12th grade "lol calm down Nancy" my best friend said "we'll I can't because we both are leaving for London tonight" I said very existed

"Oh ya I forgot to tell you I will meet you at the air port I forgot my guitar at the music room bye see you there" Chantal said while running to the music room on the first floor I got my stuff from my locker and went into my car and drove home

*20 minuets later*

"Hey mom" I said she just frowned and said " I have to go to work late tonight sorry but I can't be there when you leave for London" she said with her head down "bu-but you said you would-never mind just never mind you have work and that is more important than not seeing or saying bye for when I leave for London" with that I ran up stairs to take a shower and put some clothes on and asked my dad if he could take me to the airport now I grabbed my stuff and said good bye to my brother and left for the airport and I got a text from Chantal

Hey got my stuff and going to the air port now-chan

I'm almost to the airport remember gate 78-Nancy

Oh ya almost forgot haha-chan

I turned my phone off so I wouldn't lose battery

I got my ticket and waited for Chantal to come she had soo much stuff with her god her and her electronics we had about 10 minutes till departure so we talked for a bit than a lady said " flight 78 London may bored now" so we got up and showed them are tickets and went on the plane

"Soooo do you think we will find boyfriends?" Chantal said very excited

"Omg you are really talking about boys when you just broke up with Jaden"

"You broke up with Jackson" Chantal huffed I laughed at the fact that we broke up a long time ago

"What if we see One Direction!" She almost shouted that people where staring at us now

"I don't care I don't like them" I said plainly she looked sad

*12 hours later*

"Chan wake up where here" I said shaking her awake she got up and walked off the plane with her stuff

Then I saw my aunt and said hi than took our stuff and went to her flat it was medium sized we talked to her for about 40 minuets than I asked if me and chan could go to Starbucks she said ok she gave us some money and left

Chantal's pov.

"Wow this place is beautiful"

"I know I remember this place" Nancy said

"Wait you have been here befor?!" I asked shocked

"Ya when I was 15"

"Omg I can't believe you didn't tell me" I huffed

Nancy's pov

We got to Starbucks and ordered our drinks then we heard screaming girls I looked back and saw one direction I didn't care but Chantal on the other hand said "OMG ONE DIRECTION!!" I put my head in my hands and sighed.

Then one of them came over the blonde one and said "I guess you girls like us?" He asked chan said "y-yes" I said "no" his smile faded when I answered his question and then the rest of them came over when they saw Niall come over here but I just kept my head in my hands I didn't know this until I looked up and said under my breath "oh great look who is here your big possy" one guy just kept staring at me and said "have I seen you before?" Scratching his head "oh ya a few years ago we meet at my mums house you had you aunt with you" "you remember that" I asked coldly

"You meet Harry before?!" They all say at once

"Ya my aunt knows his mom so they set up a date for us and I hate one direction because of him" I said really mean

"Why do you hate him?" Louis said

"Why should I tell a bunch of strangers"

" oh I'm sorry for asking" he said softer

"We'll my aunts waiting we better go" I said standing up

"Really Nancy we have to leave now?" Chantal wined

"Please stay" Harry asked I just got up and walked past wale Chantal gave a piece of paper to Niall and Harry wait why Harry?

Harry's pov.

Chantal gave me Nancy's number for me

"Hey see you later Nancy" I said she rolled her eyes and left she forgot her coffee so I got it a ran to her and gave it to her " thanks" she said under her breath than left

Nancy's pov.

"Why did we have to leave?" Chantal asked

"Because I didn't want to see him any more and my aunt is wondering what is taking so long"

"Oh fine" she huffed

We got to my aunts house wait I should my house now

"So how was Starbucks?" My aunt asked

"It was fine but we meet Harry and the rest of one direction" I said

"Oh that's great!"

" ya that is" she doesn't know how much I hate him


Authors note I don't know how to change the font but it changed

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