Love actully

My aunt set me up on a date with Anne's son when I was 15! I hated him after that date


4. end of engagement for Zayn

Zayn's pov

I keep thinking about Hannah she is cute and beautiful wait what am I thinking I'm engaged but. Hannah has something that perrie doesn't have but I don't know I should talk to Liam or something about that

"Hey mate"

"Ya?" Liam asked

"Have you ever thought" I hezatated "um about another girl but your with girl?"

"What about who are you thinking about?"

"Nancy-" he cut me off

" your thinking about Nancy!"

"No I'm thinking about Nancy's friend Hannah you have to let me Finnish my sentences"

He let out a huge sigh "actually I've been thinking about Emily she is so shy she just stared at me I wanted to say something but then we had to leave enough about me but why are you thinking about Hannah?"

"Sh-she has something perrie doesn't have I-I just don't know I really like her she is really cute. I have a feeling me and perrie are drifting apart" all of a sudden the news has perrie kissing a guy in public my heart just broke into pieces from seeing that picture and the caption


I feel to my knees and started crying and crying Liam tryed to calm me down but it didn't work. My phone rang so I got my phone it said perrie I pressed the end button but she called again I answered

"What do you want" I asked coldly

"Did you see erm that on the news?" She whispered

"Oh no I haven't what is it about?" I asked sarcastically

"I'm so sorry"

"I think we should take a break so you can go out with that ass hole and you can throw your engagement ring away in the sewer because of you and your mistake of a boyfriend" I almost yelled by now all the guys came in and looked at me confused and worried they all asked what happened

"N-no I'm so sorry" she cried

"Sorry doesn't cut it we are fucking engaged well we where now we aren't so bye forever" I hanged up I turned my phone off and throw it in the trash and took my ring off and throw it in the trash

"What happened" Louis asked

"Erm me and per-perrie br-broke up" I nearly cried and studded

"That's harsh. why did you break up with her?" Niall asked

"Sh-she kissed a guy and she is dating him" I whispered"I'm gonna take a nap" I bet they had a million more questions. but I really wanted to think about it so I walked off to my bed

Hannah's pov

That fucking bitch she is engaged to Zayn and she fucking is cheating of him he deceivers better than that whore so I jumped up and yelled "FUCKING BITCH" after I saw the picture the girls where looking at me "what?" I asked they all giggled

"Well I think you like Zayn and I think he is available now" Ali giggled I could feel my cheeks turning red

Nancy's pov

Maybe I should get hook up Zayn and Hannah hmmm ya I should unless he doesn't like her that would suck :(. I got a text

Hey babe-Harry;)

Hey is Zayn ok?-Nancy

Erm no he just went to take a nap he is really crushed. he throw away his ring after getting in a fight with perrie-harry;)

Oh that sucks-Nancy I was mentally yelling yes in my head I'm feeling so bad for perrie but she deserves it

Ya but I think he likes a different girl from your possy of five and her name is Hannah hehe I overheard him say it before it came up we should set them up on a date ;) -Harry;)

I was thinking the same thing but I didn't know if Zayn liked her or not-Nancy

Sure I bet you got that idea from me-Harry;)

I did not- Nancy

I know just trying to get on your nerves;)-Harry;)

I know ;)-Nancy

Ok so when?-Harry;)

How about next week?-Nancy

Yea perfect-Harry;)

Ok tell the boys not Zayn tough lets have it be a surprise :) and I'll tell the girls but not Hannah ok-Nancy

Ok bye babe-Harry;)

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