The Barnyard

there are 3 barnyard pets and then they find more and more friends along their adventures


1. friends

Once there was a cat named Wiskers and a horse named Glado and a dog named Billy Bob Joe. They were all friends. They all lived in the same barnyard. One dark scary night they saw a scary shadow. ''What do you think it is'' said Billy Bob Joe in a frightfuled voise. ''I don't know'' said Glado. Should we checkit out'' said Wiskers. ''sure'' everyone said. So each one of them took little by little steps until they got there. Then there stood a little orange and white cat named Scotch. Billy Bob Joe, Glado and Wiskers took Scotch on a tour though the barnyard. The next morning they all woke up by the sound of Nilo the chicken. Then Glado had to do her 10:00 lesson. After the lesson the four friends went to show Scotch the outside arena. They all showed their tricks. Glado showed Scotch her highest jump. Then Wiskers showed Scotch the highest tree there at the barnyard that she could climb

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