Treacherous Love

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1. Treacherous Love: All Chapters

Chapter 1: Love at first sight

Ivy Jon was going to a One Direction concert with her friends and had backstage passes. she was so excited she thought she might get taken away by security guards. She went backstage and there he was standing there. Her favorite member of the group, Louis Tomlinson. She had a HUGE crush on him and just wanted to run up and hug him. She screamed with joy, "LOUIS!", making him turn around to see the girl. She was wearing beautiful curls in her red hair and for once, decided to wear a nice dress, just for the occasion. Her friend, Alex Thompson, heard her scream and thought she was hurt but then she saw him there, and just had to watch and see what happened. Louis thought Ivy looked gorgeous, but was embarrassed to say it. "Hello, your name is?" he said.

Omg! He's talking to me!, she thought, but tried to play it cool. " Hi, I'm Ivy! Ivy Jons! And your Louis, but I'm having a hard time believe it. I'm like your biggest fan. Did I just say that? I should just shut-", she said, when getting interrupted by him. "Don't be nervous. You seem cool, I like that." They both blushed. Louis was charmed by the girl, and wanted to keep talking, forgetting he had to perform soon. "Look, I gotta go get ready, but let's hang out soon. After all, this is the last concert of the tour. See you later, Ivy." He gave her a note with his number, and she felt like she was going to faint. Alex came over, excited about what had happened and wanted to know what he gave Ivy. "Ooh! Let me see!", she said, with a "gasp" following. "OMG! HIS NUMBER!" Ivy was so happy she couldn't help but scream, too. "OMG I KNOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

After the show, Louis came back-stage to find Ivy waiting for him. "Hey, Ivy!", he said. "I gotta go, but..." he looked her in the eyes, smiling. "Call me." As he left, Ivy just stood there smiling. She felt like she was in a dream. The next day, the first thing she did when she woke up was call him. They went out for coffee and salads, him being in disguise because of paparazzi. They laughed and talked and found they had much in common. They became great friends, both secretly having a crush on the other.

One day, Louis called Ivy and asked to meet her by there favorite spot in the park, the giant oak tree. "Hey Ivy, w-w-will you..." he was nervous, but continued asking her, "will you be my.... girl-" she interrupted and smiled, answering, "Of course." They were together for about 5 months, but with Louis being on tour a lot, it had to become long distance. One day Ivy came to visit him, and another girl was with him....

Chapter 2: What Have I Done...

"Louis, who's the girl?", Ivy asked angrily. She loved Louis and thought he felt the same way. "Sweetie, I can explain...", he said. The other girl grabbed his hand. "Sweetie? I thought I was your sweetie! What's going on?" Ivy grabbed the girl's arm and said, "Who are you and what are you doing with my boyfriend?!?" Louis ran over and pulled the girl away from Ivy. The girl asked who Ivy was and Louis felt his stomach drop. It was time to explain.

"Ivy, this is Eleanor, my... girlfriend. After I left with the band, I missed you and couldn't stand it anymore, so I decided to let go. While on tour, I met Eleanor here and we began dating. I was going to tell you, but I thought you would never talk to me again, and I didn't want that to happen. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I'm sorry..." Ivy began crying and had to leave.

Before going, she told Louis, "No, I'm sorry... sorry for wasting your time. I wish I never met you. I'm sorry all this happened. I wasted 5 months of your life. I'm sorry." Then she left. Louis began to go after her and get her back, but Eleanor pulled him back. "If you go for her, I'll leave and never come back. Your choice." Louis didn't want to lose Eleanor, too, so he stayed. As he watched Ivy leave, he whispered to himself, "what have I done..." He regretted this decision, so Louis decided to fly to Pennsylvania, where Ivy lived, and try to win her back.

Chapter 3: Rejected

When Louis arrived at the Pennsylvania airport in Pittsburgh, he saw a flower shop. To win her back, he would have to get her something really nice he thought. he bought her some roses and dark chocolates. "Her favorite. " he thought. He remembered Eleanor saying, "Watch your back, and your little girlfriend's, too", as he left to get back Ivy. Lewis began to worry that Ivy would get hurt, so he rushed to her house.

Louis arrived at Ivy's house and took a deep breath. He was scared that she wouldn't want to talk to him. He knocked on the door, kneeled down, and waited to see the charming red head again. Ivy opened the door, asking, "What do you want, huh? To date me just to hurt me again?"

"No, look, Ivy I'm sorry. This is all my fault. Being with Eleanor is the stupidest thing I've ever done. You're the one I want to be with." Louis began to tear up. "I'm sorry, Louis. I just don't think I can trust you. I'm not ready." replied Ivy. As she closed the door, Louis began to cry but help the tears back, and dropped the flowers and chocolates. "Bye..."

Chapter 4: Why won't you love me


Louis checked in to a hotel and sat on his bed, staring out the window as rain began to pour like the tears in his eyes. He felt like he had nothing. No more best friend. No more girlfriend. All his band mates would be hanging out with their girlfriends.

As Louis began to feel even more depressed, he heard a knock on his door. He was to upset to see who was there so he just opened it. Eleanor walked in, raising her fist in the air saying, "I told you to watch your back..." As she swung at His head, she yelled, "Why won't you love me?!?!", and he fell to the ground.

When Louis began to wake up, he felt a draft. It almost felt like he was at the beach, only wearing swim trunks, with a cool breeze on him. And he was right. He was only wearing "swim trunks" but he wasn't on the beach. He was in a chair... and he felt something keeping him warm, or somebody. And that somebody was pushing against him, putting their body against his, touching their lips together. He couldn't see anything and was still dizzy but he knew what what going on. Then he tasted saliva, and felt teeth and lips, that weren't his. Suddenly, they pulled away, and so did his "trunks". Pulled down that is. Then they came back up and he felt small hands, and soft, long hair rub across his arms, and breasts push against his chest. He felt a hand slide down his arm, the his abdomen, then touch something else. He couldn't help but think it felt good. It was his brain that thought that, but he knew it was wrong. "no... stop... bad...", Louis mumbled, but they didn't hear him. He tried to figure out who was doing this. He knew Ivy would never do anything like this, especially something illegal. But Eleanor... she would always cuddle up with him and try to "touch" him, but he pushed away. This time he had no control. "Eleanor..." he mumbled, but this time, she heard. She punch him again and he was knocked out.

When Louis woke up again, he was in a bed, under covers, missing his clothes. Laying next to him was Eleanor. He quickly got up and called the police. "9-1-1, it's an emergency. Hurry down to Marriott hotel on 9th Ave. before she wakes up."

When the police arrived, Eleanor was arrested for assault. When they took her away, the last thing she said was,"Even if I don't get out, even if I die, I'll see you in he-", and the door closed.

"I'm not going there, but I know you will be.", Louis said as he watched her get it the car through his room's window.

Chapter 5: Apologize

Alex went to Ivy's house to comfort her and help her feel better. "I just wanna punch him, and bruise him up. Why can't he just get out of my life..." said Ivy. Little did she know it had already happened. Alex decided to tell her, "Yeah, about that. There's an article in the paper you should she."

After reading the article, Ivy became worried about Louis. "Oh no," she thought. "I'm sorry, Louis, I didn't mean it." Ivy said, as if he were in the room. "I have to apologize..." Alex left and Ivy invited Louis to come over.

Chapter 6: Forever

Louis arrived at Ivy's house and she invited him in. "Sorry 'bout what happened."

"Why? It's not your fault. Everything's my fault. I'm sorry I got you into this mess. I'm just gonna get out of your life and leave you alone. Goodbye." As he began to leave, Ivy grabbed his shoulder. "Wait. I'm not gonna lose you again. Will you be my boy-" Louis interrupted her.

"Of course."



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