Adopted by vampires

We'll my name is Chelsea Ramirez I'm 17
(If you would like for me too continue I have too see if people are interested in the story so plz like)


1. meeting Niall and 1d

We'll my name is Chelsea Ramirez and yes I heard I'm getting adopted by these 5 boys and I'm so exited😄 but today I'm going to meet them what if they don't like me and yess I'm 17

I heard someone say Chelsea plz come to room 9 as I was walking in I saw them yes I said well they are here to adopted you she said in tears I was starting to get tears because she was like my mother I hugged thank you for all you have done I said well you should pack she said thank you I'll be right back it's because I brought some close before I came wanna know 2 secrets 1 that's my aunt 2 I'm a vampire plz don't tell only my aunt does my parents died protecting me .but I better get going i said I went back to room 9 I hugged my aunt one more time [she couldn't stay with her aunt because that's where the aunt lived if you were wondering] than we should be going said Louis [we already introduced] *skip car ride it was silent * I can't belive they live here wow I said the house was huge zayn opens the door for me what a gentle men but then he locked he said run go to the room that's says zayn there gonna drink all your blood he said WHAT i said are they vampires I asked yes I am to he said so am I I said he was shocked how come I can't tell your one of us he asked well that's one of my powers here show me your hand I asked he did I showed him his future as my eyes turned purple but as I was done the door opens and I super speeded to the couch

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