Adopted by vampires

We'll my name is Chelsea Ramirez I'm 17
(If you would like for me too continue I have too see if people are interested in the story so plz like)


2. living there

As I was on the couch zayn was still shocked but he got over It and everyone came in there eyes turned red and they came closer and I just laughed they were shocked well zayn was also laughing they said WHAT why aren't you scared they said because I'm one of you I said Niall kept looking at me we'll let me show you to your room said Louis as we were walking up the stairs he kept smiling I was worried because his eyes were red last thing I knew his eyes were red LOUIS I yelled he asked what why are your eyes red I asked because I smell human he said I'm not a human I said prove it he said give me your hand I have him his future he fainted I know why what's going to happen to him in 1 hour I screamed so loud the boys came in what's wrong the asked Louis fainted from his future I said why Harry said because in 1 hour a guy is going to come and kidnap Louis 😭😵

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