One Chance

Have you ever think about why don't you have a boyfriend? And asking yourself if you were that ugly? That is what is happening to Ally Morgan read to find out more of her story


3. Exchanging cellphones?

Ally's Pov

I didn't know what that guy meant by that, and I didn't want to know it. I walked to the school backyard and went to a box where there was a little kitten. I brought it some food. It started eating, I was glad it was enjoying it. I have been taking care of this kitten since the school started, and I love it. When it finished I started to play with it, then I kept the food and started walking to my house. 

All of a sudden someone said "Hi" and I jumped surprised. Ugh, it was the brown haired boy, what was wrong with him? Was he following me or something? 

"Let's be friends, Ally." He told me, I really didn't want friends, and I didn't need. I learned that by the bad way. 

"I d-don't want to." I said barely audible. I hoped he didn't ask. I didn't want to explain him why.

"Then,we can exchange cellphones." He told me. What? What was this guy trying to do? Why should I like to exchange cellphones? I was okay with mine thanks. 

"I d-don't want to!" I told him. He seemed confuse, then he laughed. 

"I don't want your cellphone, I only want your number." He told me expecting me to gave him my cellphone.

"I d-don't think so." I told him grabbing with force my school bag. 

"Then......" He said grabbing a pen and writing something in a piece of paper. "Here it's mine, call me whenever." I grabbed with fear the piece of paper from his hand. 

"Haha, you know, my hand still hurts from that kick." He said rubbing the back of his neck. I searched for a band-aid in my school bag and gave  it to him. He looked at me confused and surprised. 

"Ah, I don't think this would be okay for it." He said. God this guy is annoying. I reached for 5 more and handed them to him. 

"Is this okay now? " I told him. I hope he gets satisfied because I'm getting desperate. 

"Uh, yeah, I think so." he told me even more surprised and confuse right now. 

"Fine, I gotta go." I said and turned around. He shouted goodbye at me, but I didn't care of looking back at him. 


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