What Don't You Understand About Love? (ON HOLD)

When Lizzy finds out her best friend, Niall Horan, is in a world famous boyband, One Direction, what will happen to their relationship? Will Niall ever understand ever understand how much Lizzy loves and needs him? Is it possible that their hearts just aren't meant for each other? But finally, is Niall even sure he loves Lizzy? Some people just don't understand love...


44. Really?

"Niall?" I asked breathlessly. "What is it?" He asked, glancing up at me from the TV. "By any chance did anyone come in the house? Like go upstairs?" I questioned. "No, why?"  He replied. I slumped down on the couch beside him, sighing heavily. "Is something bothering you?" He asked, taking my hand and soothingly rubbing small circles on the back od my hand with his thumb. "It's just that I am positive that I heard someone walking around upstairs while I was in the shower." I explained. He thought for a moment then kindly offered if I wanted to go upstairs with him to check it out. "Alright." I said, getting up off the couch and headed to the stairs.

Niall took my hand and I nervously started up the stairs. When we reached the top, we cautiously tip-toed down the hall, checking every room as we passed. There was only one room left: Niall's bedroom. The door was closed, but I could've sworn it was open before I headed into the bathroom earlier...

"I'll go first." Niall whispered. I nodded as Niall slowly approached the bedroom door. He opened the door a crack and peeked inside. He motioned for me to follow him, so I crept towards the door as he slipped inside. I opened the door all the way and headed inside. "SURPRISE!" Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Mackenzie, Emily, and Hannah all screamed. I scanned the room, finding it full of balloons, ribbons, confetti, and presents. "Happy Birthday!" They exclaimed. I totally forgot it was my birthday with all the commotion! "Awe! Thanks guys!" I gushed, hugging them all, but kissing Niall as well. "Let's get this party started!" Louis exclaimed, turning up the speakers and pressing play on his phone.

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