1. club-1

*school just got over*

You coming? My friend Anahi asked! If I can go! My mom is working tonight so most-likly! I replied but I need a ride! Anahi its fine just were something cute guys will be there wink wink! Oh shut up Anahi! Bye! Bye!

I went home and I got ready for the party! She came and got me! We went to the club it was loud I couldn't here much just people saying we have a celeb in the building find him or her and well your lucky I moaned! I look up at the stage then back in front and my friends gone and so is her boyfriend! Grrr I go to the bar and just ask for water! Then I turned around and CRAP! I ran into someone! All my drink was on his shirt! He said well at least it's just water... Why not an alcoholic beverage? I replied I'm sorry and ha I don't drink I've acutely never tried he said 2 beers to the bar tender! Then I look up as I get done cleaning up his shirt! And boom it hits me it's Harry Styles I soon reply I'm sorry *wiping his shirt* he said its fine! We stood there for a moment staring at each other! He said can I tell you something I replied sure he said you are beautiful I stood there all choked up not knowing what to say so i just mumble! Thaksnshd he said I'll take that as a thank you!

He asked me to help dry his shirt so we headed to the bathroom and I was drying his shirt with a towel! He was looking at me while I was doing it then he went in for a kiss I was sitting on the counter and he was sitting right in front of me! We were kissing then i accidentally hit the water faucet and the handle broke and it was spraying every where! We were laughing I was struggling to fix it and he just grabbed my wet face and kissed it and said lets get out of here before someone notices and so we did!

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