Love, actually

Lovise and Harry starts to smalltalk on twitter. It eventually turns to something real. What happens when he gets put in the biggest boyband in the world?


2. twitter

Harry's P.O.V

Wow, over 900 followers. I'm pretty sure that had something to do with me auditioning on the x-factor. I still had an eye for Lovise, that was why I went to the audition in the first place. I checked what people had written on my wall. 'Oh, you own the stage! Keep it up. love you! 'for example, was something they wrote. Oh, how happy I was. Huh, no? It could not be true! Lovise had written on my wall! 'You were super good tonight, I'll support you all the way! Good song choice by the way. xx Lovise :) 'Damn. It just could not be true! She had noticed me. I was quick to write back, 'Thank you, it means inconceivable much! Hehe, yeah that song rules. Sincerely, Harry :)' I sat there and smiled like an idiot and wondered if I should send a private message to her. Yes , I almost had to do it. I took the mouse across the screen and pressed on her profile . I moved the mouse again and pressed the ' Private Message' button. I started tapping on the keyboard before I pressed send.

H : Hello !

L: Hi !

H : What are you doing?

L : Located in the bed next to Sally , you ?

H : Located in the bed and on twitter .

L: Cool . You were way crazy good tonight on the x factor !

H : Thank you .

H: You know you do not need to talk to me if you do not want it, I know that most people do not like me , so ..

L: You are just too cute ! I like to talk to you.

H: Haha , you have no idea how relieved I am now .. :) But I have to go, talk to you tomorrow ?

L : Of course ! Bye then.

H: Bye :)

I closed my laptop , laid it on my desk and lay down in bed . Many thoughts swirled around in my head . She actually wanted to talk to me. The next thing I knew was that my eyelids became heavier and heavier. Eventually I fell asleep .

Lovise's P.O.V

I waited for him to answer, but he was probably too busy answering the other pretty girls. I felt bad. He had been bullied, and I did not have the balls to stand up for him. He would certainly not answer, because I had never talked to him before. Poor boy, he was quite pretty, and damn he had a bit of a singing voice. When I thought about it, I got tears in my eyes, but I was interrupted by the fact that there was a notification on twitter. I checked right away what it was. Yes! He had answered me! He said thank you and how much it meant to him. I wiped away my tears and a smile landed on my face. I sat there for a minute or two before I got a new notification. It was from Harry, again. This time it was a message. Oh my god, I enjoyed it. I fell more and more in love. We talked a bit before he had to log out, but we would talk again the next day.

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