Love, actually

Lovise and Harry starts to smalltalk on twitter. It eventually turns to something real. What happens when he gets put in the biggest boyband in the world?


1. audition

Lovise's P.O.V

I didn't know, it just hit me. I fell in love with Harry Damn Styles. That kiddo could sing. I sat with my best friend and watched the x-factor. A big nerd in my class entered the audition, I didn't know he could sing. I looked over to Sally, she sat there gasping for air. For all these years he had just been a dude no one really liked that much, sitting in the back of the classroom. I felt bad for him, but I didn't dare to talk to him. I were too afraid that my friends would bully me. Sally also wanted too, but we just didn't have the balls for it. "Damn, he can sing!" Sally said. I nodded eagerly. He sang my favourite song, isn't she lovely, by stewie wonder. Coincidence? Well, we sat there in shock. Sally changed channel after the judges gave him four yes'. We sat there for an hour or so watching greys anatomy until it knocked on the door.

Harry's P.O.V

"One, two, three go!" The man said. He pushed onto the stage. I weren't really ready, but I would do anything to get Lovise's attention, that girl was damn hot. I was just an ordinary dude that was friendless and worked at a bakery with old women's. I took a strong grip around the microphone and walked to the 'x' mark. "Hello, what's your name?" Simon Cowell asked. "Harry Styles" I replied. He asked me what I did on my spare time, my age and what I was going to sing. I were about to sing Lovise's favourite song, isn't she lovely. We had at least one thing in common; we both liked stewie wonder. "Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful, isn't she precious, less than one minute old.. " the audience clapped and screamed. That was shocking, did I do so bad? "Well, for a 16 year old boy that's very impressive!" One of the judges said. One after another said they're opinion and I was left with four yes'. I jumped and yelled 'Yeah' trying to hold back the joy tears. "Thank you so much" I said and ran backstage. "Yay! You did it!" Gemma said and hugged me. "Now I think the bullies will say something else!" She added. At the last part I just looked down at the floor. She gave me a smile, she probably saw how I looked. Mom hugged and congratulated me. We took a cab home and I logged onto my computer.

Lovise's P.O.V

I asked if Sally could open. She nodded and ran over too the door. "Uhm, Lovise? It's the mailman" my face brightened. I'd recently ordered an obey beanie from ebay, and that's what the mailman had brought. "Thanks, bye" he said and smiled after I signed the papers. We both screamed and jumped in the air when I opened the package. What Sally did not know was that I ordered one for her! She gave me a huge hug. I just smiled and hugged her back. "I think we shall go to bed, it's like midnight" she said. I nodded, and we locked the door. My mom and dad were outta town, so Sally slept over. It were Friday, and she were gonna sleep over too Sunday. We both got upstairs and took on our pajamases. "So, whatcha think about styles now, hah?" She asked. I blushed, and then she burst out in laughter. "Well, he sing super good, and he's not that ugly tho!" She just smiled and nodded in agreement. "I'm waiting for ya in my room" I said as she brushed her teeth. She screamed a yes, but that sounded more like a 'fjesh' since she probably got toothpaste foam in her mouth. I jumped in my bed, under the blankets and logged onto twitter. 'Harry Styles and 3 others follows you' the notificator said. I clicked on Harry's name and he suddenly got over 900 followers. Most of them were girls that said he was super good in singing, and others were someone unknown. I clicked on the 'tweet' button and wrote; 'you were super good tonight, I'm gone support ya all the way! Good song choice btw. xx Lovise :)'.

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