Kiss in the dark

Hello we are, S.E.A.L, and we love one direction, hope you enjoy our fan fic we are still working on it and please comment, fav, like. Hope we have your support.
Description: Brooklyn and Samantha receive opportunities in college to set out and see what it's like working for celebrities. Being sent out to the UK London obviously brings in the opportunity to meet one direction, which of course they are working for, with splendid jobs. Along the way they meet Aria and Kimberly, there soon to be best friends and co workers, as they set out to find their life and how it would work being away from all they know. Relationships, friendships, more to come in, Kiss in the Dark- by: S.E.A.L.


1. assignments

A kiss in the dark


I woke up to a buzzing sound, and silently pleaded for mercy, to stay in bed. But mercy didn't listen. The alarm clock kept right on buzzing. With my back facing the alarm clock, I lazily reached over to turn it off. My hand grabbed empty space so I reached further.

"AHHHH!!!" I crashed onto the floor, flat on my face, arms,legs, and hair in all directions. I paused.

"Ow." I gathered myself together and pushed myself off the floor. I got to the alarm clock and I made sure it wouldn't be ringing for a long, long time. What a wake up call... I rubbed my eyes and when I thought I gained full consciousness my first thought came to me. FOOD. I walked down stairs, and headed straight for the fridge. One of my sorority sisters, Jessica, was already there, eating a bowl of fruit loops. She eyed me through her straight, coco brown hair, "nice pajamas." I glanced down. My fluffy pajama pants with sleeping kitties on them, my big shaggy sweater, and my awesome green slippers stared back. She had a blue tight tank top and short shorts. I saw why the guys go gaga over her. I shrugged. "It's comfy," and continued rummaging through the fridge. I came back out with cereal (fruit loops), a biscuit, an apple, and milk.

" Im surprised your not fat. no pancakes today?" Jessica asked.

"No. I'm going to that Italian ice place with Sam. I can't stuff myself!" I sat down to eat my breakfast, quickly cleaned the dishes, and ran up stairs to get ready.


'That's what makes you beautiful' by one direction came thought the speakers on my alarm clock radio, "Na nanana nanana na na na." I picked up the little rubber box and threw it against the wall. The music still rang out as it hit the floor.

"" I groaned flipping around the bed trying to get the blankets out from underneath me.

I peeled back the comforter and sprung to my feet. I walked over to the window and stretched while bending down to pick up my alarm clock. 'Like the ceiling can't hold us' by Macklemore came on and I danced to the bathroom. I put the alarm clock down on the counter and pulled out one of the drawers, taking out my makeup in the process. I clicked the top off of my eyeshadow case and chose a neutral brownish white color and applied it to my eyelids. I twisted the top off to the mascara and brushed it against my eyelashes, already making them feel heavier and a little bit longer. I yanked the top of the baby lips case off and rubbed it across my soft smooth lips to make sure they wouldn't get chapped. I walked over to the closet and took the hangers out with a blue tank shirt with two flaps going horizontally across the waist and stomach, with white shorts and a brown belt. I shuffled back to the bathroom and yawned turning my face up to the ceiling. I wrapped my hand around the brush handle and ran the bristles through my fiery red hair that was a little bit darker than that, but it was a beautiful red nonetheless. The ends of my hair reached down to just above my breasts. I took my hair tie and put my hair into a high ponytail.

A ringing sound came from my bed and I picked it up while falling backwards on the mattress. The caller I.D. Read Brooklyn. I answered, "Hey Brook."

"Are you on your way yet?"

Brook and I usually met up with each other every other morning and grab a cup of Italian ice. "Yeah, I just need some grub and ill be on my way. I'll call you when I'm close."

"Ok see you then. Over and out." Then the dial tone.


I grabbed a hot chocolate at starbucks on our campus grounds at Academy of Art University and waited for Sam in the ice cream section next door. I loved the smell of morning. The coffee, the bagels, the eggs, and the rain. I looked out the window I was sitting by, warm, or technically hot, chocolate cupped in my hands. It was about 6:45am, dark, raining, and cold. I looked away and sipped my hot chocolate, letting the warmth seep inside me and my hands. I heard a ding from the door and saw Sam walking toward me. I put my hot chocolate down and we hugged.

"Hey!" She said.

"Hey." We sat down.

"Ready for the assignment?"

Suddenly it didn't seem so dark outside! "Yea! I'm so excited! I wonder what band or person I'm gonna get!" I banged my hands on the table.

"Calm down. Calm down.........IM EXCITED TOO!!!" And we both started banging on the table like professional drummers in the middle of a solo. It grew quiet around us and people started staring. We gradually came to a stop. Then it was just awkward silence. We got our Italian ice and left. We walked until we got to our classes, and then we had to split up. Sam went to make up styling, hair styling, fashion, and how to fix clothing. I went to music production. I got there with two minutes to spare. The classroom was crowded and full of noise. From the inside and the outside in the hall ways, which was entering through the open door. The sounds of talking and footsteps grew quiet and the tardy bell rang. Mr. Grood entered the room and shut the door behind him, his bald spot shining as if it had been waxed. He had a very thin ring of brown hair that was really oily. He had on a stuffy green, wool vest, white, buttoned t shirt, slacks, and fancy shoes. Just looking at him made me wish I still had my PJs on. He walked to the front of the room. First, we warmed up by making a few made-up lyrics. then, we reviewed our notes about what makes songs copy righted and how it works. Then, Mr. Grood finally said what we have all been waiting for. "Time for assignments!" Shouts of joy rose from the students. He called the students one by one, giving each of them their assignments. "Brooklyn Chase." I headed up to his desk. "You are going to London. You will have one partner from the stylist and fashion department. You will spend about 3 1/2 months until the end of may at London. And you are the only group going to the UK, so cross your fingers." He smirked. I went back to my desk and sat there, wondering, drifting off into space, and leaving the classroom, with all the people and the noise, thinking about what music I will produce in London.


I rounded the corner to get a drink from the vending machine, but instead I spotted Brook walking the other way and I wanted to get her attention,"Brook, brook. Bbbrooooookkklyyynnn!!"

Brook finally turned to look at me, "OMG OMG. What assignment did you get."


Brook gave me a quizzical expression, " what the hell did you just say?"

"London... But... They... Said... That... Only... One... Other...person...from.. The... music... Production... Class... Gets... To... Go... Is... It... You...?" this way she could comprehend what I was saying.

"Crap, crap, crap. Ahhhhhhh!"

Now I had a quizzical expression, "what's wrong, did you not get London?" I brought my fingers up to my mouth and started bitting the skin off around my fingernails. Long story short it's been a habit for years.

"I can't believe it!!" she screamed into her hands gaining strange looks from people passing us by.

I laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Brook, what's wrong?"

She wrapped me in a tight hug and jumped up and down. "WE'RE GOING TO LONDON BABY!!!"

I screamed and hugged back. We pulled away. " I got to get to class."

"Do you know when we leave he didn't tell me?"

It took me a minute to recall what Mr. Fits , the teacher for hair and makeup style, and also fashion and clothes fitting and measuring, said. " This Saturday February 8th, 2014. The flight leaves at 5:10 A.M. We have to be at the airport by 4:00A.M. So we have to leave here around 3:30A.M. We'll carpool in my Acura."

"But it's already Thursday!"

"Tonight we'll come over to each others dorms and pack, But in the meantime see you around 1:00 for lunch."

I pulled the lever down on the drawer that held the blow dryer and the straightener in different cylinder shaped bins. Being assigned a class partner was fantastic to try out new techniques on different hair styles, without a doll, luckily I had a guy partner that I would be able to work with just in case I got a guy in London to work for. "how does it look Shaun?"

"It looks fantastic."

Before my little dibue his hair was bellow his ears with bangs near to the middle of his eye, after the hair cut his hair was just tucked behind his ears and his bangs just above his eyelids on the right side of his forehead and his hair had small layers.

He moved his hair to where he thought it looked good. "I really like it Sam, thank you. Now let me do yours."

"Ok." I hopped in the chair as he stood up and shuffled behind me.

Shaun ran his fingers through my hair to smooth out any knots that lay in the way.

"now what would you like done my ginger."

"Uhhhh... I wound like a 1inch trim and also layers with long bags on the right side of my head, I just want them cut long and diagonal. Does that sound good?"

"perfect, a great style for you and your personality."

I smiled, "Got to look good for London."

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