Times Are Rough

Harry Styles, a 16 year old boy from London, England, has one passion. Singing. But with him having the struggles of his mother leaving him when he was 3 & his father being an alcoholic, can one girl turn his world upside down?


4. Plans

I waited all class thinking about what I would say to Lizzie after class. although her talking to me wasn't a big accomplishment , it was a start. Class finally let out & I grabbed my stuff quickly & fast walked to Lizzie's locker. When I got there her friend was with her & when I walked up I heard her saying "you know that guy you helped , Harry? Damn , he is ho-" but when she saw me walk up she flushed red & walked away. Lizzie looked up at me

"Harry! Hey" she said smiling , grabbing her stuff for her next class

"Uh, hi" I said awkwardly.

"So did you need something ?" She said smiling greatly & blushing a little.

"Yeah uh actually I just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime!" God that was so hard for me to say.

"Oh, yes , I had the same idea! Here , we can make plans after school, text me " she gave me her number "well bye Harry, text me later!"

Woah. Did I just get a gorgeous , amazing girls number. What. I was so joyful. I realized I was going to be late to class so I grabbed my things & made my way to my next class. I walked in & the same friend that was talking to Lizzie at her locker was there , her name is Mary Beth.

She's very pretty but no where close as pretty as Lizzie. I bet she feels awkward now knowing I heard what she was saying about me. I was usually the shy one but when I walked to go sit in my seat I said quietly to Mary "so I'm hot?" With a sly wink. I saw her smile & blush. Messing with people is fun

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