A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


2. Memories Left Within A Past


       Hi, I'm Kaede Fuyou. I have dark blue eyes,short bright orange hair with a red ribbon, and tanned skin. I am 17 years old, I live with my mom, brother, and father known as the Fuyou family. Due to the fact that my mother is a weak child, so am I. Also pointing out that I stayed in bed most of the to time. I hated it I felt as if I was wasting my life away, when I looked back at my life I didn't want to see that I had wasted most of it in bed. So as days passed I stopped socializing, I began starving myself, and I didn't retrieve much sleep. My parents began worrying, begging me to eat but as stubborn as I was I didn't. I wanted to go out, I wanted to breathe in the fresh air, I wanted the wind to blow through my hair, and most of all I wanted to see the sunset. I don't know why, but I made this promise to the Sun, it was on my 5th birthday. I can remember it clearly:


    My family and I had gone on a picnic to celebrate, it was sunset and I began crying I don't know why but I had pitied the sun. It only being able to shine and bear its rays in the morning, I know its silly but if you had only one purpose in life and you weren't able to fulfill that purpose wouldn't you feel some kind of way??? So on that very day I promised the Sun I would come and visit every sundown, my family thought it was silly but I didn't mind.

         Flashback End:

       Since then, I have kept my promise. But things only got worse afterwards, during that time I was made fun of because my hair was yellow and because I missed so much school. Due to the fact that my mother had yellow hair when she was younger I inherited that. I not surprised though everyone says I look just like my mother, although my mother was weak her genes are strong. And because of this weakness I have in my heart and body many of the kids stayed away from me, I was sad all I wanted was a friend but because I didn't want my parents to worry I didn't say anything. Just because I'm weak physically doesn't mean I'm weak mentally. That's why my name was given to me Kaede stands for: as bright as the sun, Fuyou: as strong as the wind. Because no matter what I'm was always positive about everything.That's when he came along.... Louis Tomlinson, he changed everything.I didn't meet him until I was 5, my mom Misuzu and his mom Johannah were really close friends in highschool and collage. So just like them we were best friends inseparable, whenever I got sick he'd come over laid in the bed with me and comfort me. Louis would read to me, fall asleep next to me, tell me stories, and whisper sweet nothings in my ear, and he wouldn't mind at all. I'd ask him Lou"why do you do this everyday, it must be tiring", he'd just say "because I was his best friend and he wouldn't let anything happen to me". Him speaking such words would bring me to tears. But most of all I remember our promise:


     I had caught a high fever one morning and it wouldn't subside, so I had laid in bed all morning. My mom began to worry so she called my doctor, Louis came over and comforted me but I was in so much pain and it was obvious. My cheeks were flushed red and my head was covered in beads of sweat, as usual the doctor said there was nothing he could do and that this illness of mine was rare. The doctor had checked my heart again and found that within every minute it would pick up its pace, he constantly told me to control it but because I was weak in my arms and legs I was defenseless. But as the doctor had noticed it had slowed its paced his face expression had changed from hard to soft, but quickly hardened again because as fast as my heart was quickening its paces it was going really slow as if would stop. As this happened I began to grow tired, and my eye lids grew heavy. My hearing began to fail me as I hear people call for me "Kaede... Kaede" they would shout, as much as I wanted to answer them my throat was dry and I couldn't find my words. I began growing weary and tried again but sorrowed washed over me to, I wanted to tell them I was going to be okay, I wanted to comfort them just like they did me, I wanted to embrace them in a hug and take all their worries away and tell them everything was going to be okay, but..... I couldn't and it was killing me. Until.... "Kaede..... Kaede please don't leave me, your my best friend", I could recognized that voice from anywhere it was Louis and he was crying out for me. And then I thought "I don't want to die... I wanna stay here with Louis and my family, at that very moment I felt something warm and wet hit my hand and that was all it took me to move my body into a sitting position and embrace him. While doing so I took my other hand and patted his head and said "Its okay.... its okay I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here always, right here by your side". Before I knew it there were 6 other pair of arms engulfing me into a hug, and in I heard a bunch of sighs as if they were holding in a breathe. Louis had finally pulled it together, he had wiped his tears and stuck out his pinky. "What" I asked, "Kaede... Louis said "your going to promise me something he said so stick out your pinky". I did as told and "repeat after me" he said, "Okay". "I, Kaede Fuyou promise to fight and not give up on life no matter what challenges are thrown at me" we said in union, and I, Louis Tomlinson promise not to give up on you and will stand by your side no matter what. We then pinky swore each other, and afterwards smiled. I, Kaede Fuyou finally had a friend, and a friendship but all things eventually come to end.

      Flashback End:

       Louis found a desire to sing and signed up for X-Factor, as bright, smart, and talented as he is he got accepted. As his friend of course I was happy for him but saddened by the thought of him leaving. It was like it was yesterday:


    We walked out of the house heading to the airport to see Louis off, I was unusually quite this morning and surprisingly hadnt shed a tear I guess the thought of him leaving didn't sink in yet. The drive there was was silent everyone deep into thought, although it seemed like it was an awkard silence at the same time it felt like a peaceful silence. As we approached the Tomlinson family everyone took turns engulfing the other an a hug, although I was there I didnt feel that way I felt as if my mind was elswhere and deep in thought.Until I had suddently felt a presence in front of me, and had meet the eyes of Louis. He took a step forward and hugged me, and I did the same but while doing so I felt as if I didnt want to let go. And finally... the tears came, the tears that I didnt even know were there. I cried and cried and cried, and all Louis did was hold me as if he was waiting for this, as if he knew I was holding something back. We had finally pulled apart and all we did was look at eachother, all we did was stare as if we were lost in eachothers eyes, as if we were never gonna see eachother again. Until Louis finally broke the silence and said "Kaede I'll be back I promise, I mean how could I forget my best bud". "You will and always have a place in my heart, and remember to smile because your smile brings out the best in others." Those were the last words he spoke to me, before he had set off on a new chapter, a new journey in his life.

      Flashback End:  


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