A Rekindled Love or Friendship??? ( Louis Tomlinson fan-fic )

Kaede Fuyou ( Kai or Kai bear for short ) has been friends with Louis Tomlinson since birth. But when Louis leaves for the X-Factor leaving an broken Kaede behind, with a broken promise that will be forgotten, and a bond that was once inseparable will things change??? After a few years Louis returns to Doncaster with the rest of the band to finish highschool, but has things changed??? Have people changed???, has he remembered his promise???, will he remembered his best friend???


10. A Forgotten Promise Renewed

   Asa's P.O.V

      We had all met up at Doncaster Park all of us looking worn out and still no signs of Kaede. We would all and in a circle hoping the other had some great idea but... nothing, all of us stood motionless... expressionless and it was pitiful. All the while it began to rain... it would be such a beautiful night if it were shared with Kaede, and so I prayed that under this starry sky we share... she'll be able to witness this.

    Kaede's P.O.V

       It had began to rain but due to this hollow emptyness in my heart I hadn't noticed, I feel like I'm surrounded by darkness... a sea of darkness. I look around and see a light and I follow it but... no matter how many miles I run it appears that I only get further and further away, I scream and shout "Help...help" but the silence remains and I only seep further into the the darkness that consumes me. I had blinked back into reality and taken a look at the tombstone behind me and it read "Sakura Elizabeth Fuyou, 2001-2011." Looking at the tombstone I had broke inside, I had lost one family member... will I lose another??? Pulling my legs to myself I wept, why did this happen???

    Harry's P.O.V

       It had appeared that we were statues frozen in time as the rain drenched us in cold, it was as if we were tombstones marked by those who were alive. Wait... tombstone... Sakura... Kaede, I had figured it out I know where she's hiding!!! 

    Ichigo's P.O.V

      "Guys I've figured it out, I know where Kaede is" Harry shouted. My heart leaped with such anxiousness "Where" I asked. "Don't you see... it's like were playing hide and seek, Kaede's hiding and we have to seek her out... somewhere under this starry sky she awaits us" Harry breathed. "But where... where would she go we've searched everywhere" I spoke, "Not everywhere" Harry paused "... we haven't checked the graveyard" he finished. "Why would Kaede be in a graveyard" Niall intervened, "Because she'd be visiting a passed relative... Sakura Fuyou" Dad and I said in unison. "But how did you know" I questioned, "I'll explain later Kaede's our main priority" Harry said.

    Louis's P.O.V

       It didn't take long for us to arrive at the graveyard and neither did finding Sakura's grave, or finally finding a vulnerable Kaede. 

    Ichigo's P.O.V

       Kaede had acknowledged our presence but... she hadn't moved an inch, she'd just sit there pressing her knees to her trembling body. There were to exchanged words just the sounds of our steady heart-beats filling with air. Until I broke the silence... I wanted to know the reason behind my sisters tears... why she suffered so much. So I asked "Why???."

     Kaede's P.O.V

        Was it time to explain the reasoning behind my weird behavior... boy would I know, but I did know that it was time for this black hole to vanquish. So I sighed and said " I've had enough... I've had enough. Everyone abandons me Sakura did, Louis did, and Asa. ...Mom's gonna join them to isn't she Ichigo??? "Kai no-" Ichigo tried, "Yes she is, what's from stopping her from leaving??? And I'm so fed up with everyone making promises they can't keep... Ichigo you promised you'd always be my side... but you lied because sooner or later you'll have to go off to Uni, Louis left me for his career, Sakura lost her life, and Mom... she will soon join her. And I can't... I've tried Dad... Ichigo, to be strong like you always told me... I was fighting to be strong like you told me to but... enough is enough and I'm fed up. Was I a bad girl Dad... Ichigo??? Did you get tired of me Asa... Louis??? I don't understand... is it because I'm a weak child??? Are you too afraid to lose me that you'll look the other way completely... please tell me, why did you leave???" I breathed. "But as usual there was no answer until..."

    Louis's P.O.V

       "Kaede I didn't leave you because I grew tire of you... if anything leaving you was the hardest decision I had to make, but... I had to make a point to the world and I had to make sure that they had understood this point. That point was you Kaede..." I said, "What...I don't understand" Kaede breathed. "It's because growing up I noticed you struggle a lot just to enjoy life, to go to school, to walk..." I trailed off, "so I wanted to express to you that your not the only one out there... your not alone Kaede". "The boys and I have visited many children hospitals donating whatever we had to support them... to let them know that they haven't been forgotten, all the while it all comes back to you Kaede... your the only weak friend I've had since child hood, and I wanted the world to know your story. That the world underestimates is your ability to fight... all throughout our childhood I remember you getting high fevers, your body getting paralyzed, dozes and dozes of medicine. The one thing I know very well about Kaede Fuyou is... that she always fight, she never gives up, and she's a reasonable person. Kaede... you've mistaken me you think I left because I grew tired of you well... your wrong, you think our friendship means nothing to me well... your wrong, and most of all you think I have forgotten our promise and your wrong". With each of those statements I take a step closer to her until I'm on my knees, yet although I face her she doesn't look at me. "Kaede... please... can I see your eyes, can I have the pleasure of starring into those deep blue eyes???" I questioned. My hand reaches under her chin and slightly with a little force I get her to look at me, she is hesitant at first but then she allows me to look into her eyes. "Kaede do you remember the night at your house that you were closest to death???" I asked, she nodded slightly still captured in my gaze. Remember what I promised you... she sucked in a sudden breathe, I Louis Tomlinson promise you Kaede Fuyou: that I will always be by your side and will not give up on you. Come on Kaede I can't say this part by myself, she started crying but whether they were happy tears or sad tears I didn't know. "And I Kaede Fuyou promise you Louis Tomlinson: that I will fight and not give up on life no matter what challenges are thrown at me" we said in unison.

    Kaede's P.O.V

      I was mistaken all this time Louis didn't leave me because he grew tire... he just wanted to share my story with the world and prove that weak children are just as strong, I get it now... I get it and I'm so happy. Tears streamed freely down my face and for the first time this week I smiled a genuine smile at everyone until I looked back at Louis and said "You remembered" I breathed happily, "How could I forget, Kaede you were all I thought about while I was away I missed you very much and as much as I tried I couldn't get you outta my head" Louis replied. "I smiled a genuine smile for the 1st time in years and it wasn't forced, I smiled happily at my best friend of 10 years and it felt good.

    Louis' P.O.V

      It was great to see Kaede look at me the same way she did 10 years ago when we parted ways, to cry tears of happiness like she did once all over something or someone so silly. And since returning here... back to my home town for the first time I actually feel happy. "Lets go home Kaede" I said while offering my hand, and she agreed placing her hand in mine. But I had other plans instead of pulling her to stand I pulled her on to my back, pulling her arms around my neck and placing my hands under her thighs. And together we all walked home together as a family... as a whole, with our missing puzzle... our princess on my back.


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