summer memories

Hi my name is Savanna. I'm 17 years old, I work as a camp consular and I work with 5 other people. But may I say, that all 5 of them are guys!

Savanna lives in Wolverhampton,England. She moved there when she was 7, but never knew that this kid named Liam Payne lived there. But once she saw him at camp and got to know him, she got to know his 4 friends also....

So will this be a story of love and hate, or a tragic story of just hate.

read to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Gavin's POV


What just happened, Louis and Savanna, are they together now. No they can't be. She belongs to me, not him ME. I will get her back if they both like it or not. I decided to text her and see if she wants to just hang out. 


Savy (:   : Hey wanna hang today??


I waited for a few minutes and got a text back from her.


Savy (:    : Hey sorry with the boys, can't  hang maybe next time.


I didn't text her back. What do those boys have that I don't? I mean come on, I'm better than them. I will get her back.




No ones POV


The boys and Savanna sat around her living room playing games when she got a call, she looked down to see that it was her mother. She knew she was at work, but she answered anyway.


"Hey mom, whats wrong?"

"Sweetie, can you come to the hospital?" She sounded worried. Savanna left the room to be in a more privite area to talk to her mother.

"What do you mean come to the hospital, what's wrong?" She asked her mother with little worry. She sated to passe the room. She left someone watching her but she didn't care at this point.

"Its your brother. He was working and one of the workers dropped something and it fell on him. He is awake and he wants to see you. He's worried about you more than himself. Please get here." Thats all Savanna had to hear, she was still on the phone with her mother while getting her shoes and coat on. She yelled to Louis to drive her to the hospital. All the boys had scared and worried faces on, but tried to cover it up.


Once they got there Savanna asked the lady at the front desk what room Tyler Black is in (That is her last name, sorry forgot to put that in.) Once she told them she went running to find the room. She saw her mother crying and that only made her worry more. "Mum, is he ok?" All her mum could do was shake her head. "He is in critical condition, he wants to see you."



Savanna's POV


Once my mom said that Tyler wanted to see me I ran into the room and walked over to his bed. "Hey Ty." I said with tears in my eyes. I wouldn't let them fall, I had to be strong for him. "Hey baby sis. I just wanted to say I love you, I'm going to be fine, I'm going to make it. I promise." It made me want to cry even more hearing how ruff his voice was. He's my only sibling and I can't stand the fact that he is in here. It makes me sick to think that my mom and the doctors think he wont make it. "I know you will, prove everyone wrong. Make it please. You have to." I said trying to smile but failing. I ended up having a tear fall from my eyes. "There will be no crying you got that missy. I'm right here. Now give your big brother a hug." He opened his arms and I ran into them. I'm happy to see him so happy even though he is in the hospital.


A few hours later the boys dropped me back off at home, The doctor came in and said that it is a metrical that Tyler is doing better than they thought. I told him to prove them wrong and he did. That night I went into his room and took a pair of his sweats and one of his shirts. They both smell like him. When we were little whenever I would have a nightmare he would come into my room or I would walk into his and he would let me lay with him and fall back asleep. His smell comforts me. But that night I needed all the comfort I could get.

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