Dying Inside (Louis/1D story)

Drew felt like dying every day until she found a guy to care and can relate and found four more friends to


2. Best Friend Trouble

          *Jacobs POV*


Drew fell asleep in my lap like usual. I look up to see the guys shooting daggers at me through their glares. I say, "What?" Harry huffs and asks, "Why is she so attached to you?" I think for a second then say, "One why do you care and Two I'm all she has beside her 13 year old brother." Harry says, "One because a hot babe like that should be with me and Two how can you not like that sexy thing on your lap?" Anger fills me she is not only my best friend but like my sister. I whisper-shout, "you talk about her like that again or ever talk about her brother I will personally bash your face in with my cleats!!!" He looks at me in shock then stands up and slaps me. I whimper in pain because it reminds me how my parents abuse and beat me. Tears are brimming and I look down to see Drew's eyes filled with anger.

        *Drew's POV*


  I wake up to see Harry slapping Jacob. Anger fills me I'm the only one who know that his parents abuse him. I see tears about to slip out of his and I know that Jacob doesn't cry ever. I get up and run up to Harry and punch him straight in the jaw. he falls to the ground on his back I straddle him and through punches everywhere. I scream, "DON'T EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN!!!!!" Jacob pulls me off and I cry into his chest. Niall and Liam help Harry. Niall yells, "Why would you do that?!?" I don't answer just cry Jacob trys to calm me down but I'm to upset. I grab my bag and run out of the school and sit under a tree and cry. I see Louis come out and make his way over to me. he sits down and hugs me I cry into his chest. He asks, "What was that all about?" I say, "Jacobs my bestfriend pretty much my brother well his parents abuse him. I know he was about to cry and I cant stand to see him cry because he only crys once every year and even then he only lets one tear drop......." I sob into his chest. I look up at Louis and he looks sad I ask, "Whats Wrong?" he says, "Nothing its just my dad use to abuse me so I know what you mean......" I smile sympathetically and say, "I need to go find Jacob but thank you so much Lou!" I kiss him on the cheek and he blushes. I walk in the school. I look around then Zayn ran over to me and whispered, "I'm sorry about Harry he went to far........." I smiled at him and say, "You know for someone so perfect you sure are shy and Thank you but right now I need to find Jacob...." he blushes really red and I chuckle. I walk to the music room and see Jacob dancing to 'Thrift Shop'. He loves to dance any time any place. He dances anytime when he is feeling any feeling. He is really good at Hip-Hop. I walk up behind him and hug his waste from behind and kiss his shoulder. He turns around and all he does is smile and pick me up and hug me tight. I smile and then the lunch bell rings and we head to the canteen.

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