Dying Inside (Louis/1D story)

Drew felt like dying every day until she found a guy to care and can relate and found four more friends to


1. Bad Start

Drew's POV

It's hard to decide weather you should just drop dead or continue living for no reason. Hi my name is Drew Mason and I'm 18. I have dirty blonde hair with copper streaks, I have gray-blue eyes. I'm a little over weight but people don't seem to care. I'm nice and sweet until you piss me off than I will put you in your place. Oh ya I'm a tomboy!***********I have a average life but no one seems to care if I live or die and all the the boys at my school treat me like shit! So I just cut my body it doesn't matter where or what with as long as I see blood flowing out of my body it doesn't matter. My mom make me go to therapy every week. So ya..............speaking of therapy I have it today. My alarm goes off so I get up an take a shower, I then blow dry and straighten my long blonde hair. I put on my make-up which consist of foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. I then put on some bright red skinny jeans, a black 'Crazy Mofos' t-shirt, and some white TOMS. Lastly I put on a red beanie. I grabbed my backpack and my skateboard. I grab a apple and kiss my brother (he is one of the two people I actually care about). Once I get to school the cruel thing begin. Kendra, Charity, an Zowie the school sluts come in and start the day off with cruel words. "Hey fat ass want a doughnut!" Kendra said. What they don't know is I pretty much starve my self and when I do eat i make myself puke. Her followers laugh and walk away. I only have one friend his name is Jacob he is tall, has blonde hair, and green eyes. He is the most popular boy in school and the girls and some boys just throw themselves at him. We are inseparable but his other friends are jerks to me. He walks up to me and grabs my hand. We walk to a table and sit down. He says, "don't listen to them they are just wannabes!" That's why we are friends he is the only person kind and sweet to me. I really don't deserve him. We go to our lockers then walk to Gym. I love sports especially football (soccer). We change and head to the gym. Jacob and I start warming up when I'm called to the office. I change into my school clothes and go to the office. Of course I get there and all the boys from One Direction are there. I know what your gonna say why wouldn't you want to meet them. To be honest it disgust me how girls drool and cry over them. I walk up to Rhonda and say, "Hey Rhonda what's up?" She says, " these boys are new and have the same classes as you. So I would like you to show them around because I know you love being sweet." She says the last part sarcastically. I just roll my eyes and say, "Ok whatever!" She tells them to follow me. They introduce themselves. "I'm Liam" "I'm Zayn" "I'm Niall" "I'm Harry" "I'm Louis" I say, "Yeah I know who you are but whatever I'm Drew." Harry says, " Playin hard to get are we?" With a smirk and says it in a thick British accent. I scoffed at him. I push him up against the wall and say, " You talk to me like I'm and item or flirt with me again I will shove that pretty little attitude along with your cock so far up your ass you will have to waddle to school GOT IT!!!" I let go of him while he stand there shocked while I hear Louis giggle. I start walking to my locker and yell behind me, "Are you comin or what?!?" I hear running and they are right behind me. The bell to go to second hour is about to ring. When it does the boys are standing next to my locker. All of a sudden Jacob comes out of no where and hugs me from behind and kisses my cheek. I see out of the corner of my eye all of the boys tense up and have a glimpse of anger in their eyes. I turn around to look at Jacob. I say, "Hey Jake!!" He replys with, "Why did you leave me I had to practice alone!" I said, " I'm sorry Jake I will make it up to you I have to show these cocks around." He giggles and introduces himself, "Hiya I'm Jacob, Drew's Best friend." Jacob said smiling. All the boys sigh in relief I let it go because I really don't care. Next we have study hall. Jacob and I with the boys trailing behind head to the library. We sit at a table I put my headphones in and lay my head on Jacobs lap and fall asleep.

Niall's POV

She is so cute. I love her attitude it's so hot.

Zayn's POV

I want her to be mine

Liam's POV

She's so hot but I can tell the other boys want her to

Harry's POV

I want in her pants

Louis' POV

All the boys want in her pants but I want to get to know her. I can tell she is really attached to this Jacob guy. I can tell all the guys are jealous of him. She is usually not my type of girl but there is something about her...........

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