The girl with the fake smile

Hey, so this book will not be like so many others. It will be a bit like a diary where Stellas thoughts are written down. Hope you will read it!! Write in the comments what you think, love ya! <3


1. The girl with the fake smile

Meet Stella girl with the perfect fake smile, her friends think she's doing just fine her family think she's fine, but inside Stellas head only one thing through and that is to become perfect. Perfect person, a lot of friends, perfect face but mostly the perfect body. Every day, stella need to get  through the day, and through her thoughts running around in her head. About when she eat she will get fat and nobody will like her. Her thoughts about how thick her legs are, how ugly her scars is, and why she can not just be perfect. Stella has a goal and that is to get to 40 kg. She is 14 years old, weigh 49 kg and is 168 cm she will handle it? Will it be dangerous to her health? Will she could stop if she reaches her goal or will it go wrong?


Hi my name is Emma I really hope you all will like it I'm trying to update at much as I can bye lovies!!<3

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