The Angle

A angle fell from the sky and lots have saw but Rachel has locked her in her box and to keep her safe she dresses her up to match her up with every one else...


1. ABC...

It was lunch time and Rachel sat next to her friends Monica and Phobie. Rachel had picked for her lunch spaghetti hoops. Phobie had picked toasted sandwiches and marmalade spread and Monica had picked fish and chips topped with sauce. Rachel sat beside the window and began to wonder if an angle could ever fall from the sky. All of a sudden, some thing fast and pale white fell from above. Rachel screamed and pushed her chair back nocking Joey with coffee in his hand. She began walking to the door out of the canteen, when Chandler stood in front of her he said, "I am in charge. Were do you think you are going?"

"Err!" Rachel muttered. " Leaving?"

She pushed him out of the way and ran out of the canteen to the lobby. Then she bumped into Ross. "Move!" she shouted!!!!


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